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Best Tasting BCAA Powder?

Hey guys, I’m looking into getting some good quality BCAA powder and was wondering what you guys thought was the best tasting BCAA powder out there?

None taste good - take the pills.

I’ve never used any BCAA powder, I always had capsules. However, I hear that they are pretty rough to get down, kind of like Luecine. I have heard from other people, on other forums that tropical/citrus/fruit flavors are the best at masking the taste of BCAAs/Luecine.

I used to buy bulk instantized BCAAs. Cheap and aren’t as gnarly as regular BCAAs, which was especially important when I was megadosing them. 60g of that shit during a workout it harsh!

Interestingly though, most people think peptopro is vile, but I actually like it. I think it’s the fact that BCAAs don’t mix well, and so you get chunks of it that break up in your mouth, and THAT even I can say is fucking gross.

Xtend from Sciavation…Hands down

[quote]TMiller1123 wrote:
Xtend from Sciavation…Hands down [/quote]

Yep, completely agree with this. I buy bulk leucine which tastes bad so I use one scoop of Xtend to cover the taste so I can just sip during my workout.

Xtend watermelon is tasty…but i prefer the pills