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‘Best’ T-Nation Topics

The one I linked of Stu’s includes his off-season too - not every workout but there’s some gems. The Paragon one too is only half contest prep too. @jackolee competes/competed in men’s physique too and has a log on here including his off-season. He’s not been around much lately but was a fair bit until the start of the year so I didn’t think to include him as a sort of ‘forgotten thread’.

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This one?

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Yeah I like those. I guess there’s several categories of good ones:

  • Training info etc like the prep ones
  • Motivating/general ones like the 600lb deadlift one
  • Off topic ones like the bear vs man one.

I was initially thinking of only the first type but all are welcome.

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Thanks I haven’t read this one. Linked so it’s easier for people.

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Another I just thought of, the really long bodybuilding one with different splits, but I can’t remember the name. Anyone know what I mean and know the name?

Here’s a few more I found in the bodybuilding section, although I haven’t read them all completely. Basically spamming at this point but I have some time so why not.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Posted a lot more than I thought. I didn’t realise how much good stuff was on this site.

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The Bodybuilding Bible might be that one that I made. Disregard any dumb posts I made in that thread because I think it was made in 2008 or 2009 and over a decade ago I was out of my mind and suffering from clinical depression.

Thanks! :+1:

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Oh I see you found it. The mobile site is having some issues and it skips posts if I scroll quickly.

Would you prefer if I deleted it from there? I haven’t read it and to be fair I probably don’t particularly know what’s good or bad advice anyway so I’ll trust your judgment.

Don’t know if it replied to you or not: @BrickHead

This thread was a goldmine in terms of actual applicable information and real world proof. I had actually forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when it was bumped and then I reread the entire thing.


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Thanks bro

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I think I’m still the only one who did 1 mile of lunges
@loganator still waiting for you to beat my time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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this one too.


That’s the one I couldn’t think of. Thank you.

No it’s fine. Leave it. It was an awesome thread that people liked! The board was awesome and high traffic in that year!


Leeman’s log were pretty entertaining.Don’t get me wrong, his training was all over the place, and in more recent years he’s a pos, but watching a teenager getting so strong is fun

I completely forgot he was on here once, I remember someone mentioning him years ago.

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I think he had 1 more log, but couldn’t find it

Maybe I’m biased, seeing only the old posts that made it to the top, but the forum was a lot different back then

Yeah these other Kingbeef also, this was the main one…

Eric Spoto used to post in the run up to breaking the all time bench record…

This kid was mentored/given guidance by Ed Coan …

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Thanks for the tag and kind words @caesium32!