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‘Best’ T-Nation Topics

I’ve recently been reading some old but very good topics like the contest updates one by @The_Mighty_Stu, the how I train one by @ParagonA and Alpha’s work of course. I’ve been lurking on these forums for a few years and yet only just found some of these which has me wondering what else there is out there from the past. With this in mind I thought a topic containing any links to any good ones people know of could be a good idea.

So, if anyone can think of any topics they think are definitely worth reading please post them below.

I may as well start with some myself:

Contest prep by @robstein:

How I train by @ParagonA:

Contest updates from @The_Mighty_Stu:

There are several logs from @Alpha, here is the first one:

I don’t have time to add more right now but I’ll try to think of some others to add later.


Great idea brother.Over the years there have been some great discussions here

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I wanted to say the clavicle lengthening surgery but this is actually a super helpful and great topic

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In all honesty, I do like some of the train wreck ones. First, they’re entertaining. Second, it’s pretty insightful to see the thought process of failure. Third, there is inevitably some very good, very practical advice. Finally, they usually take a left turn into some new topic - sometimes that one is a discussion between experienced folks on how they’d train athletes or something.

Just throwing that out if anyone is scared to link one that may actually fit. This was a good topic idea.


Who would win:
1 bear or 100 men?


Anything with professor X

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Do the men have guns?

Obviously I love any contest prep threads because they’re always fun to go along for the ride, see the ups and downs, and root for someone you’ve followed along with en route to the big day.

And yeah, Rob and Brad always get special props from me as close friends as well as successful competitors who I truly enjoyed helping reach the stage.



Brad’s was another one I wanted to link yesterday when I first thought of the thread but forgot by the time I wrote that reply.


Any nice bodybuilding logs that weren’t contest preps?

no - unarmed.


I hit reply to Anna but it replied to you Stu.


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The 600lb deadlift thread is a classic.

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More recently I liked a couple of the challenge threads that started out like “Here’s something crazy” but then a whole bunch of people met or exceeded the challenge.


The one I linked of Stu’s includes his off-season too - not every workout but there’s some gems. The Paragon one too is only half contest prep too. @jackolee competes/competed in men’s physique too and has a log on here including his off-season. He’s not been around much lately but was a fair bit until the start of the year so I didn’t think to include him as a sort of ‘forgotten thread’.

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This one?

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Yeah I like those. I guess there’s several categories of good ones:

  • Training info etc like the prep ones
  • Motivating/general ones like the 600lb deadlift one
  • Off topic ones like the bear vs man one.

I was initially thinking of only the first type but all are welcome.

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Thanks I haven’t read this one. Linked so it’s easier for people.

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