Best T-Nation Program You've Used?

What are your personal best programs you used from this site? It doesn’t matter if they are for strength/size/fat loss, just submit programs that you enjoyed the most and got best results from it…my personal favorite is ABBH 1 , i haven’t really tried many programs , but that one from Chad is great…

So discuss ;D

The Waterbury Method or WS4SB

any other replies?;D …damn i thought t mag was a big forum…maybe i was wrong :frowning:

One Lift Day

Kicked my ass but broke ALL my personal records and slaped on 10lbs of muscle in two cycles of this program.

Everyone that I have been able to trick into going through this program has had great results.

second for one lift a day

my strength improved tremendously and i didn’t even do five days a week i could only do 4 b/c i was so wiped out from it

Velocity Diet. End of story.

Christian’s superhero program is awesome.

Poliquin’s “Super Accumulation Program”. Kicked my ass but really boosted my numbers.

did u see a fair amount of weight gain from this routine? (Super Accumulation)

personal favourites that ive always returned to

-super accumulation program
-Behind the russian curtain
-High Frequency training

Those are probably the ones that ive liked the most and theres also one from CT that was a 3 day a week bench program, maximal methods one day, starting strength/back/biceps another and top end strength/legs the last. dont remember the name but it never faisl to throw a serious chunk of weight on my bench

T-Dawg Diet.

First time trying some sort of ‘controlled’ carb manipulation. It allowed me to keep my morning oatmeal, and my postworkout carbs while still tightening up. Taught me a lot, and from there I jumped off onto Berardi’s Massive Eating theories.


Even though it’s a bodybuilding program, HSS-100 gave me my best strength gains.

Incorporating Deads and Squats.

They work.

Good Advice.


Some one link me to the Super Accumulation Program please.

CT’s Training Template article.

[quote]Brendan Ryan wrote:
Some one link me to the Super Accumulation Program please.[/quote]

Google usually works better than the T-Nation search function.

I liked Dan John’s Transformation Program. It was short and sweet and got the job done.