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Best T-Nation Articles for Beginner/Novice Lifters


This site has a wealth of knowledge, just wondering if anyone had some favourite articles written on the subject of beginner/novice lifters. I like all the advanced stuff but its not applicable for my training yet as i'm still able to add weight to the bar every workout, no where near my strength potential.

I just finished reading "who wants to be a novice" by Mark Rippetoe and learned a ton.


(my favorite at the moment)

(simple, effective).

(because you can’t live without trying 5/3/1 and this template gave me the best strength results…ever)

(because De Franco knoes his stuff).



I really like the concept of bullet point-type articles for teaching concepts instead of “do this and that for this many weeks”.

Almost every coach has put out something along these lines, but here are a few in no particular order:
40 Years of Insight from Dan John (a 2-parter):

Thibaudeau’s Training for Newbies (a 2-parter):

14 tips from Staley:

5 tips from me:

12 tips from Rooney:

7 tips from Wendler:

Not bullet points, but relevant for younger beginners, Training for Kids:


Nutrition basics:
3 or 6 Meals a Day:

Eating Clean:


Workout nutrition:

Those should definitely be a solid starting point.




pretty much anything by Dan John especially the first links by Chris above . This also is good…


I remember Christian Thibaudeau had an article called “The Perfect Rep” or something. He was describing executing reps in a “rocket launch” style. I can’t seem to find it.