Best T-mobile Smart Phone?

I’m going to get a new phone and i’m stuck on what to get. There’s the Vibrant, the g2, and the myTouch slide.

Suggestions would be welcomed. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. is there anything coming out by new years that would be even better then the phones currently available.

I have the vibrant, rooted, no custom roms yet. I’m waiting for froyo, before I mess with roms, but it’s pretty badass.

The G2 also looks pretty good, but I still think the vibrant has better hardware.

I got a g2 on the day it came out, and got an amazing deal on it too, and I’m in love with it. The feel is great, the OS is extremely smooth, and in Chicago, the HSPA+ network is very very fast when compared to friends with 3G droids or even 4G epics from Sprint. I also should say that I really like the slide out keyboard as well.

As a disclaimer though, I am not an expert and this has been my only smartphone to date, so I was probably gonna fall in love no matter what. Before getting this phone like 3 weeks ago I only used my old ass phone for calls, texts and alarms.

Still in love with my G1, so I also figure to go the G2 route when its time to re-up

I have a mytouch which is alright. I’m due to get the FROYO update to 2.2 OS soon so hopefully that helps. I would say go with the G2 or the new mytouch that comes out on 11/3. It looks sweet and fast and runs on the new network.

I’d go with the Blackberry Bold, I’m stuck with an antiquated Curve 8320 for a few more months. Them I’m thinking of AT&T and getting the BB Torch.

edit. Yes, it wasn’t one of the options you mentioned, just giving my opinion.

The HTC HD7 is launching on Nov 8 with Windows Phone 7. The new OS has gotten pretty good reviews on Engadget. Maybe something worth looking out for.

I am thinking of switcing to t-mobile, I have 5 smart phones on my verizon account and my bill is close to $300 a month. that sucks.