Best T-mag articles for beginners?

I’m a trainer looking to make some little booklets for my clients filled with T-mag articles. What articles would you suggest? Keep in mind these are regular people, not T-men and T-Vixens, and most are newbies. I’d like a mix of training, diet, and motivation. Suggestions?

You might have to edit them a bit before giving them to new clients, but here are two good ones:

Top Seven Ways to F- Up in the Gym (Ian King),
Dawg School- Issue 114.

Just do a search of previous issues by typing in “common mistakes.”

‘Foods that make you look good naked’ Thats a real eye-opener for the general public.

Go to the FAQ section of the magazine and READ everything. The guys have done an excellent job of categorizing the articles and topics. Once you’ve done that you can then decide for yourself which articles, training and diet protocols are best for your given situation and clients.

You simply must give them “Dirty Tricks” in the current issue of T-Mag (Issue 181). I don’t care how “regular” these people are, they will inevitably find themselves in a sports supplement aisle, and they will be seized by that universal newbie need to buy SOMETHING, ANYTHING to augment their training – particularly if they’re young men. Even if they don’t grasp the science or specifics of that article, it may imbue them with a healthy skepticism of the whole industry. By the way, good for you, assembling that booklet. I see so few personal trainers taking an active, extended interest in their clients.

Diet Manifesto- the first part, “I hear dead people”- for motivation, Beginners Blast Off Program article- for training.