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Best T-Boosters?

There is ALOT Of “T-boosters” out there… I have taken a few over the past few Years… I really havent been that impressed a paticular product yet(tend to lean more towards Tribulus terrestris thus far).

That being said I work full time Framing houses(dont get to sit around much not alot of recovery time), I eat well. lots of fish/chicken/veg/fruit(while I dont “diet” I do cook my own meals and I dont do fast food/take out and dont eat fried foods)I work out everyday after I get home from work between doing the dad&husband thing so My work out times do very but I try for a good 1-2hours of lifting then hit the tredmill if I still have it in me… =)

Im looking for a Good T-booster That will help out(IE energy/gains/libido) I know there is no “magic pill” or gains diet and routine cant achive…
But I am looking for that edge… so IYO whats the “best” testosterone-booster on the open market right now?!!

Id say look in the store here at Alpha Male. Should fit your bill.

Check out Alpha Male right here at the Biotest store.

Give it about 5 or 6 days and you’ll definitely feel some real strong urges.

I have used Alpha Male and think it is great. I got good results. all my lifts went up and I felt like a machine. Also, when I stopped taking it, I retained my strength gains.