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Best T-boosters?

Horny goat weed or Tribulus? Which is more effective?

never got much out of horny got weed. Tribuls on the other hand, works terrific for me. I used to use 3 grams a day of the old Tribex500 that came in the blue capsules, and I had insatiable libido and sprayer cumshots that would hit the walls. When it comes to size or strength gains I think it’s useless unless combined with a prohormone/steroid.

I don’t find Trib by itself to be very effective. Alpha Male, though, I have found to be very effective. I have tried quite a few T-boosters on the market, but Alpha Male by far has given me the best results

Porn gives greater results than tribulus or DAA based on one study I read. DAA and trib are the best though. Mostly will be more of a mens health sort of thing. Don’t expect strength from either.