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Best Syringe For Minimal Product Loss?

Looking for some advice here.

I’ve been using the BD Slip Tip syringes for administering testosterone. See link…

After my dose tonight, I noticed a lot of product still left in the syringe. Is this normal or is there a better syringe that I could be using? Any advice would be appreciated.


I use 27-29 gauge insulin syringes, no wasted product. Insulin syringes have no space between the syringe body and the needle.

Easy Touch is popular.

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Before you inject, pull a little bit of air into the syringe. Then turn it needle side down and force the air to the top. Work the test down into the needle chamber and through the needle gently until you get a small drop hanging from the tip of the needle, and then inject with the air bubble between the test and the plunger. The air will push that last little bit of test through the needle and not waste any.

Don’t worry if you get a tiny bit of air injected. That’s only a serious concern if you were injecting intravenously, which I hope that’s not the case lol.

Why not just get insulin syringes and not air

I use the air trick. 4 years+ with no adverse affects and no complaints

Because unless he is completely out of rigs, and it’s time to re-order…

Air is FREE!

Yea i guess. Syringes are just so cheap i dont play games with them. When I found the ones I liked I ordered a few thoulsand and use the few hundred junk ones for filling peptides and hcg.

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Thanks everyone. I’m going to use the air method until the rest of my supply is gone. Thought I’d share these that I found on Amazon.