Best Supps for Recovery

I recently started a new job at a catering business and its been a lot of long hard days, i.e. 25.5 hrs in two days. I still am trying to make gains in the gym and still be able to function at work. Currently I am taking con-cret creatine and whey what else do y’all think will help to allow me to work out and recover from the long hours of standing and running up and down two flights. Also included in these longs days is no to little food, i.e. I had a 2 oz egg omelet with bacon on Sunday and an 8oz fillet of steak. I was thinking about taking rhidola and some fish caps but what else can help me work hard long hours and then train hard?

How many days per week do you train? Could you reduce? It is starting to get hot as hell down here and when that happens I don’t try to train if I am depleted I find it to be for me better to just skip a day. I need my rest for work more so than training. I like a t booster that seems to help me. hard boil some eggs and take them to work.

If you can’t eat properly and enough; don’t train too hard. You will never recover. You seem to not sleep enough too. You will just loose what you already have if you try to just lift heavy and not sleep and eat properly. You cannot modify the real logic of building muscle. The supplements is not a magic pounder that put you back like that.

Oh i know that I am going to need to sleep and eat more often but at times the best thing I can do is drink so a meal replacement is probably going to be the best i can do most of the time. Also i train west side style 4 times a week two of which are on my off days. The max effort of course. I don’t want a supp that is going to give me crazy gains I just want a supp that will maintain me and help me recover from both. Also is that a dude fucking a scorpion?