Best Supps for Protein Synthesis?

And what is the best creatine for ATP (i guess more ATP = Better powerlifting = better strength increase :P)

Nop im not lazy to search, i just want to know from your words and experience :slight_smile: cuz im so Unexperienced right now, i dont even have budget to DESERVE GETTING STRONGER but still !!! that will be later ,right now i want to know best supplements for powerlifting heh


If you want to go by what studies show… you may not actually need any BCAAs during your workout, assuming you had a pre-workout meal fairly recently. But if it’s been over 3-4 hours since the last time you had anything, it’d be a good idea to ingest something to play it safe.

8-10g BCAAs pre-workout and during workout … or a scoop of whey w/ added leucine 30 mins prior

1.5-2 scoops whey/casein (60/40 or 50/50 mixture) post-workout as this has been shown to be superior to just whey alone

@rds, not to hijack this thread but what do you think about Biotest’s Creatine Malate?

Peri-workout leucine @ 5-7 g with about 20g of carbs seems to be improving my recovery from workouts vis-a-vis BCAA supplementation. Don’t know why, but a slight reduction in soreness/tenderness while foam rolling is noticeable.

[quote]Razetsu wrote:
i dont even have budget to DESERVE GETTING STRONGER but still !!![/quote]

I want what you are on.

Indigo 3G is meant to be the ‘game changer’ as far as nutrient synthesis. Beta alanine is great for boosting strength and work capacity I take 5g preworkout

Are you eating well enough to be considering supplements?

If No, worry about that first

If Yes, I’d go with Biotest Surge + Creatine Mono (both sold on this page).