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Best Supps for Muscle, Fat Loss?


Iv been training for 6 mmonths, training 3-6 days a week depending on how much i'm working. what supplement do I need to help build muscle??? and what sort of a diet do I need to cut fat and keep muscle?? thanks


The only thing you need is a multi-vitamin. For now you need to figure out your diet, how your body responds to different macro setups, how your body responds to your lifting routines, what your recovery is like, etc. After you figure that out then you can worry about supps.



If you want to look at it that way, he doesn't need a multi-vitamin, either.


I wanted to make sure that he got his daily allowance of Iron. :wink:


The most basic supplement in addition to your food is a good protein powder. Getting the required macros (especially protein and overall cals) is not always easy given life's full time requirements. That being said, I've been using Metabolic Drive for years, and have gotten a considerable number of people hooked.

At times I've used more water and drank it with a meal for extra prot and cals, and at other times I've used less water to make it feel more like a solid feeding (heck, I've even microwaved it into a 'brownie'! -lol).

If your diet is 'in place', and you've built some muscle, it makes it much easier to lose fat (muscle burns calories!) For now, worry about putting on some lean muscle, and your best bet for that is a decent overall FOOD diet (but Met Drive definitely helps a lot to hit your daily numbers).



Protein powder
Creatine mono

Those are my top two suggestions. With diet being approximately 50x more important than either of those. There are many diet articles on this site, I would simply pick ONE and run with it since there are so many opinions on what works best. Carb cycle, keto, low fat, mixed diets etc... if you run with any one of them for 3+ months you'll likely have success.


If I'm reading your profile right:

You're 6'0" tall and about 180 pounds. That's still pretty skinny. You need to add muscle, and that takes calories, protein, carbs, and fat. Like Stu said, Metabolic Drive would be the best bet, with quality protein and versatile enough to throw in a blender with other "stuff" to make a high-calorie shake if/when needed. Or keep an eye out for whenever the Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth comes out.

This article explains how to tailor your nutrition to add lean muscle with minimal fat gain:

As far as your training:

If your schedule is so sporadic that you can't guarantee and dedicate a certain amount of days every week, get on a solid 3-day a week program and go balls out every time you're there. That way, you won't be half-assing it with a kinda-sorta-sometimes workout schedule. If "extra" days open up in a given week, go food shopping and cook.
Check out Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards: