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Best Support Wraps for Elbows?

I’ve developed tendinitis in my elbows. What’s the best support wrap to use? I keep seeing these infomercials for those “copper infused” things, but they seem kind of gimmicky.

Look into elbow sleeves with lifters in mind.


I don’t like those copper infused sleeves and they look ugly too.

I use Nordic Fitness cloth elbow sleeves off Amazon. They’re economical and feel pretty good
I had Bear Komplexx sleeves that I got when I thought I lost my nordic fitness sleeves. They were really supportive, but I think my pair fit unevenly between each arm.

I’ve also had my eyes on Titan Yellow Jacket elbow sleeves. I have the knee sleeves and they’re awesome. I also been looking at the Inzer strongman elbow sleeves witht he buckles on them. I haven’t tried these though.

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When my elbows get naggy, I put on my SuperTraining elbow sleeves during warmups. By the time I get to the top sets, my elbows are toasty, supple and much less painful. Used them yesterday in fact.


Those are what I have.

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BPC-157 stabbed right in the pain area. Daily treatments 3 weeks all healed.
Elbow wraps just did not work for me.

Copper probably has more to do with preventing stink than anything that’s going to help with tendonitis. Sleeves/wraps won’t help tendonitis either but the warmth may help with pain a little while you train (which could make the tendonitis worse)

I used the compression cuffs Slingshot make. Helped me a ton more than sleeves.