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Best supplements

What are the supplements, have shown you the best results?

What are your goals? You’ll find that most of us like Biotest supps around here.

i have gotten my best gains from doing cycles of mag-10 (double dose for 2 weeks) followed by m (3 in morning) then tribex-500 (3 in mornining, 3 in evening.)
i’m in the middle of a methoxy-7/t2pro stack right now, i’m trying something new when it comes time for my mag-10 cycle this time. i’ll let you know how it goes.

Vegetables are anabolic.

Udo’s Oil suppositories are unbelieveable for gaining mass AND ripping you up! (But be sure to get the kind that comes in the capsules - trying to fill an enema bag with the “free” oil is just too much trouble.)

Just wondering if veggies are so anabolic, why the vegetarian bad rap (in your opine). BTW, so far so good with your calf routine (should i use only one giant set per session?)

{stunned shock} People are really using my calf routine? Wow. I’m still using it, and my calves are looking better and better all the time. I don’t really know the “best” way to do it. I have done it where I do “standing” calves on day one and “sitting” calves on day two and alternated. That worked. I’m currently doing “both” calves on day one and resting 2 days, so they get done once every three days.

As for ‘giant set’, I guess I only do it once per muscle group. Essentially, I’m draining the muscle as much as possible and then stretching it under a heavy load for a total of 16-20 seconds. One ‘giant set’ (I’d never really thought of it that way, I always think of it as 3 really quick sets) is over right away, and I’m always pretty sore walking to the water fountain.

The reason why I say vegetables are anabolic is because when I massively increased my vegetable consumption while decreasing calories (from 4500 massive eating to about 3600 poliquin diet), I put on weight hand over fist - and it all looked good. I have no idea why. I guess it might be the nutrition. It also might be the really steady carb leaking into my blood (which would mean my muscles are VERY insulin sensitive). I don’t know. All I know is I now consider it THE TICKET to muscle growth.

I’m currently trying to diet using the same principals, but it’s not really working “magically” like it did for growth.

Thanks for clarifying the veggie post. Of curse Im using your calf routine! I wouldnt have solicited advice if i wasnt receptive to change. How could I not be seduced by larger calves in less than 5 greuling minutes per session? Lots o pain, seeing subtle changes so far (2 weeks). The pain is oh so sweet though, so I know its on track.

Water soluble vitamins (B complex, Folic acid, biotin, C) and creatine. Beyond that, whey protein and fiber supps.