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Best Supplements to Stay Healthy on a Test/Anavar Blast?

Guys what supplements help keep the body healthy when taking the above please?

I use the cycle support from the 5% nutrition brand, its called liver and organ defender. 3 caps 3 times a day while on cycle, and lots of water of course

You don’t need a crazy liver support stack on Anavar. It’s very mild on the liver unless you’re running it very high. 600mg of NAC twice a day is all you’ll need, cheap to buy off Amazon.

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NAC? Please clarify

Anavar is light on the liver because it is processed by the kidneys. Anything that helps kidney support?

N-acetyl cysteine

I haven’t heard of people having kidney issues from using oxandrolone, but maybe others can chime in here.

Anavar treats everybody differently. I love it but it causes significant muscle tightening at moderate doses and pain at high doses (for me personally). Others have no real issues

I sure hope it doesn’t give me brutal lower back pumps. I struggle with those when not on blast.

I read somewhere doing ab work helps alleviate lower back pumps as it redirects the blood.

Nac, coq-10/ubiquinol, grade seed extract, healthy diet, plenty of aerobic exercise (doesn’t have to be vigorous, LISS is probably adequate)

It’s the first I hear of coq-10

LISS? Light intensity steady state?


Yes, brisk walking on a treadmill/out in the open for 30-60 mins 3x/wk is supposedly good enough

I prefer cycling (on a bike) or going for a jog, however this is slightly more vigorous in nature, could impede recovery depending on how intensive you’re training is.

If you listen to music whilst on the treadmill, LISS can actually be rather enjoyable.

Stairclimber is also a viable option, but is quite tiring compared to brisk walking.