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Best Supplements for Libido?


I am not having any problem making the gains I want and am naturally and easily able to rip-up (proper diet) all with out the aid of any supplements or steroids. My problem, and a big one, is a very poor libido. Had a blood work up and everthing is perfect! Any help out there??? TIA


Maybe you shouldn't do so much "Spankin".

...Also try Alpha Male (you can get it at the T-Nation store) and maybe Yohimibine HCL (though I have no experience with that).


I thought this was JSbrook for a second (avatar thief!).


LOL, me too.

To the OP... Alpha Male will do the trick.


I hear Viagra works pretty well.


Me too. I was going to feel bad for telling him he caught the gay.


What do you mean by perfect? What bloodwork did you have done? A lot of MDs don't test for estrogen or free Testosterone and even when they do "in range" numbers can still cause problems. Let us know therefore what is perfect.


If you try Yohimbe, it is best to get it through a doctor. Better quality, etc. However, keep in mind that the side effects can be quite heavy for some people. If you have any tendancy towards anxiety attacks, leave it alone.


Hey Spankin'
How old are you, and what are the actual testing results?


yohimbe. horny goat weed.