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Best supplements for gaing mass

Hello everyone. Im 6’1 @ 200lbs. I’ve been lifting for 4 years and am looking to add on more mass. I know protein is #1, but what are some other good products out there? Im trying to get around 215-220. Thanks for any help offered.

Food and training.

I had good results with Mag-10 and 4 ad-ec. But to be honest if your diet is not in check (aka cal surplus) the greatest products will not help. My last mag-10 cycle I followed the program that came packed with the product instead of doing my own. Still got results, so if your training and diet knowledge is not advanced just try that.

good luck and keep us posted

I forgot in my last post to say surge is a great product…I hate the taste but it has help post workout greatly.



Mag10, double dose 2 weeks, lots of calories, protein, and carbs, Surge post workout, +15 lbs.

Post cycle: Tribex, upped the protien and calories, slightly lowered the carbs, Surge post workout, -2.5 lbs water weight.

Mag10 is awesome dude, course I picked mine up during one of the big sales…

mag 10 and creatine (Make sure its the “sugary shit” extra cals duirng and post workout!!)
diet hass gotta be solid, go the Massive eating.

Without adequate nutrition you are not going to get ANY benefits from ANY supps. It is IMPOSSIBLE that you won’t gain weight with simply increasing your nutritional intake and training.

Sure, using an androgen like Mag10 and/or adding creatine will help you gain the weight FASTER, but IMO you REALLY should see how your progress is with just a good nutrition plan alone, and THEN you can guage the REAL power of extra supplementation.

Trust me, this is from bitter experience. I would say >90% of weight training athletes diet plans are inadequate and flawed. Try Massive Eating- it really is a great way of NATURALLY kicking your anabolic hormones into overdrive. As the famous quote from our own Mr C.Shugart goes (see “The diet Manifesto” article): “It’s your diet stupid!” Good luck.

First, you probably want to post your diet/training for critique. Then, taylor your supplemental regimen to your goals and special needs. As far as gaining mass is concerned, Mag-10 does in fact, seem to be the destroyer of all other things. Surge is also an absolute necessity for recovery. Tribex is also a great test booster and Christian Thibaudeau swears by it. If you’re not into messing with your hormonal production or anything, Methoxy-7 has gotten a lot of positive feedback, especially at the double dose. You really have a lot of options here.