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Best Supplements for Athletic Women



I am very experienced in the weight room been training since my early twenties. So twenty years later girls I just feel I am not getting that muscle hardness and pop! That I expect with all the training I do?
I don't want to take anything like male test that I heard a lot of women take. I have an excellent cardio program and my diet is really clean. I want a little boost to help me out. I need to get up to date what are best over the counter supplements for an athletic woman to take.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


i would recommend posting your training and diet so we can see if any adjustments can be made before getting into supplements.


you've been training for two decades and don't know what to take?


Are you open to trying peptides???


I've had a lot of client success with high dose HMB, combined with middle of the night BCAA

you will see a differrence if you have not done it before

AHD seems to really help too

how much you weigh?


Try lifting weights.