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Best Supplements Around?

Hi there everyone… im from UK and been body building for around 5 years mainly on protein products… so im lacking alot of the rips and pure hard muscle of alot of professionals…

Im now fed up of this and am wanting to get bigger/stronger and more ripped than ever to be honest…

Any advise on products i can use that are the best around? and where i can get them etc etc… Pm me or post on the thread

You can always pick up some things from the store on this site.

Don’t try to compare yourself to a pro bodybuilder. Set more realistic goals for your physique. Most of the pros run large amounts of steroids for a good portion of the year to get that physique. They are also only shredded like that for a short time as they peak. the rest of the year, most of them are much less defined.

You also need to decide whether you need mass or definition right now because you are not going to gain both at the same time.