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Best Supplement Usage?

What would you consider the best time to use these supplements?
ZMA - 3 tablets. Take about 30 minutes before bedtime
Micronized Creatine - Post workout or once a day
Surge - Post workout immediately w/ gatorade powder/juice and creatine
Metabolic Drive - rest days or between meals
TRIBEX - 1 every 6 hours or so(like the bottle says) usually take immediately in the morning and mid day
BCAAs - pre and post workout. or 2-3 times between meals on rest days. 4 tablets
Flameout - 4 every morning
Power Drive - pre workout 30 minutes if needed. usually unnecessary but on days after 24 hour duty i need it haha

Please critique and comment if i should combine taking supplements at any time or if i should avoid combining any. Thank you!

if having oats or something high in soluble fiber id skip the Flameout with that meal and have another time. Dont want that oil getting taken up and crapped out by the fiber


Along with phills recommendation, which is a good one… I’d say split up the Flameout. I usually have two with lunch then two with my pre-bed shake.

Also, Surge was specifically formulated for optimal recovery… I’m not sure adding gatorade powder/juice is going to help much. Are you looking for extra carbs? If so, you might want to look at Shugarts’ double dose Surge protocol.