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Best Supplement to Help with Losing Belly Fat?

I am a 48 yr old former Marine. I’ve had 4 knee surgeries and while in a wheelchair i put on a lot of weight. I was at 230 lbs with a 12 % bodyfat and NO GUT. I’m up to 271 lbs. I have recently started the keto diet ( no carbs and no sugar) with my wife and have and I am getting TRT shots. I workout 3-5 days a week but I can’t seem to lose the belly. I work with kids in a mentor role. I know Im not in my 20’s but I still take pride in how I look. Can anybody make any suggestions as far as workouts and supplements to help me kick this weight loss into overdrive

No OTC supplement is going to anything, especially at your current weight.

How do you train? What are your daily macros? Why keto? How tall are you?

I do weights 3 days a week ( light weight high reps) and cardio 2 days. I do the keto just to help my wife out and I am 6 1 Any suggestions for supplements that get results.

First of all…Thank you for your service. Secondly, get a good baseline set of labs focusing on male hormones, etc. (You can do this privately if you desire) Knowing your profile will tell you where you are and if your weight gain is strictly due to inactivity or a poor profile.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you just need to “lose weight” or “cut calories” or whatever. Your body could definitely be keeping you from seeing the changes you want even with the best diet and program.

Sorry, I overlooked this. Can you tell us more about your treatment?

Your welcome. I do the TRT treatment and I get a full check up on my levels every month. Body fat ,kindey function and Liver function and more. So im up to speed on those. I am hoping there is a supplement with proven results that Im not aware of . If not Ill just keep pushing. Thanks for the help

If you read the TRT section, there are alot of Drs screwing up their patients, hence the question.

Belly fat is the hardest in my opinion. I’m 54 and getting leaner after surgery but even with vascularity in my chest and shoulders, the belly is the absolute last to go. Diet and your training program are critical. Are you a heavy low volume lifter, high volume, etc?

I do low weight high reps for the most part. I do agree with the belly being the hardest. I see a change in my body but not in the belly. Arms chest and legs but again not in the belly.

I do the testosterone replacement therapy. I get a shot one a week for a month then they check my levels to see how often I really need the shot. Ive been doing this for 3 weeks now. It makes me feel like im 20 again as far as my drive. Thanks again

You are in Marine terms a “boot” when it comes to TRT and it explains a lot. BE PATIENT! You are just getting started on your TRT journey. You will begin to see changes as you balance out.

I also lift low weight/high volume after my third shoulder surgery in January. Its better for us old guys and still creates hypertrophy and muscle activation. Keep your rest periods short and consider a kind of “running round robin” of whole body work outs. Targeting large muscle groups each time but then hitting them again as an indirect lift on other days. Also, take recovery days after a hard training session. You will thank me and you will respond better.

Also, do you sleep well? Sleep apnea is prevalent in bigger guys and it impacts natural GH production among other things

Boot . Freaking awesome. Thank you . I have been told by my wife I do snore but I seem to get plenty of sleep.

One brother was a jarhead, the other a squid, and I was in the Air Farce :joy:

Nice My baby girl is in the Chair Force. My son is deciding where he wants to go

Run through fatloss templates off this site. either of these work very well. (Fine to do like one day on one off btw)…

Obviously drop the sprints/adjust to what your knee can take

Alternatively tack some of these on to end of current workouts…

For supplements take some EGCG extract 20 mins pre workout. Once or twice a week max can take a strong fatburner like Biotest’s Hot rox as a preworkout.

For sessions when really want to crush it get some Mag-10 or hydrolysed whey and have immediately post workout, they are a big leap forward in terms of recovery.

Also, very boring but crank up your sleep, water and greens. makes a huge difference over the long run

I’m younger and I still struggle to move belly fat. Why is it so stubborn?! As others have mentioned, a more holistic look at your health and anything your body may be doing to sabotage you is likely the best best. Though you seem fairly up to speed on that stuff. Perhaps a second opinion on your TRT treatments? That said, you’ve been on it a relatively short period of time so far. Give it some room to work its magic.

Also jumping in to thank RampantBadger - I’ll be stealing a look at those fatloss templates too. I need them!

. Male pattern fat storage. Men get the spare tire and fat inner thighs, women get the pouch and saddlebags.

IMHO Diet. Make sure you are in caloric deficit, be active, eat well and increase your workout frequency. For athletes who been in shape and putting in the work year in year out 3x week to maintain is possible but if you want to shed that stubborn bf then you must be willing to do more work. After 13 years of hardcore training (to me )the most crucial elements of success while shredding or bulking are- diet and training. Ofc there are many more elements like rest, recovery, hormones, supps, peds etc etc but I would start by making a sound diet plan then execute it religiously. Always here to help where and if I can;)


My 10 cents.

I love Keto for losing weight and it can definitely be effective. In my opinion one of the best things about Keto isnt that it makes you lose weight faster, but that you can lose weight without being ‘hungry’ all the time. There isn’t really anything ‘magic’ about it, though it does allow efficient fat burning, but for the fact that it makes it easier.

One of the pitfalls with Keto is not tracking total calories. It’s a diet where more people will get away with not tracking calories, due to the aforementioned satiety effect, but to guarantee success you should still track them.

The other major pitfall is that you need to be strict. With a IIFM approach, and generic calorie approach etc going off the bandwagon every now and then doesn’t matter as much as it does for Keto, because nutritional ketosis isnt something you can hop out of for a bagel at breakfast and expect to be back on track for your pork belly dinner.

All that said, and finally coming back yo your question on supplements, the one supplement that I love when I’m actually burning fat is Acetyl L-Carnitine. Something about a good dose of that just really clears up the brain fog and brings back energy levels when they start to sag, especially when you have had a few weeks of consecutive weight loss.

Not a supplement but back coffee is also awesome.

I’d probably start by making some small changes. Can you go for more walks? Can you cut out a few snacks or reduce meal size? I usually take about two-three weeks of minor adjustments to make some progress before kicking it up a notch.

Step 1: do you have an idea of how much you’re eating? Counting calories sucks but doing it for a week or two might open your eyes. I wouldn’t get obsessed with following something special. Don’t eat when you’re not truly hungry. Make better food choices more often. Stop when you’re full. Simply stuff but effective. If you can do KETO as needed stick with it.

Step 2; How can you increase calorie burn? Walk more is the killer here. It’s perfect for pretty much all goals and is only time consuming. Only issue would be the pain from your surgeries perhaps?

Step 3; Consistency. Look at like a battle to keep it in military terms like someone else did. You’re going to take some ground (initial success) and slowly gain ground each week until you’ve defeated the opponent (and he never really loses because then we have to maintain).

I’d lay off the crazy diets or too many supplement routes until you get closer. Fat loss is going to get tougher not easier. Keep some ammo for the end.

Also pictures and measurements really help. IMO it’s almost impossible to recognize belly fat loss in yourself but it may be happening. Measure waist once a month and take pictures monthly