Best Supplement Stack for Weight Gain

Hye just one quick question. What is the best supplement stack for putting on weight and I mean lots of it .


More food.

100g of Dextrose mixed with 1/4 cup of melted butter 5x per day. Once before bed.

what kind of weight? Fat, Muscle, Water?

Everyone has different gaining techniques that work for them individually, for me the trick is

  1. Food, and a lot of it. (not the pizza hut buffet every day, but lean protein rich meats along with complex carbs and a good post work out drink - SURGE is fire.
  2. Give androsol a run, I found with all the extra food I maul this stuff keeps my muscles building fast enough to keep fat in acceptable percentages.

friendly fribles and wendys triple cheese burgers. calories, calories, calories don’t wory about lean or fat free or low carb, as long as you get enough of each (protien,fat&carbs)it realy does not matter where the surplus calories come from.

What hetyey wrote will make you gain mostly fat unless you’re a true hardgainer who can’t gain a pound and you can see your ribs. Even then, that’s not exactly healthy. Try the Massive Eating diet as outlined in T-mag. As for supps, get some liquid meals between regular meals since they’re fast and easy. Try Advanced Protein mixed with natural peanut butter. Once the diet is in order, add Androsol if you’re over 18 and go through a few cycles of that. But like everyone else said, get the diet in order first and keep a food log. Read the “missing ingredient” article at t-mag. Good luck.

so you are saying that how much of what you gain in terms of fat or muscle depends on the macro make up of your diet and not cals? that as long as you have enough protien, fat, and carbs it DOES matter where the surplus cals come from? you need help. hetyey225

Okay, hetyey, you get 4000 cals a day from pure sugar and I’ll get the same amount of cals from lean protein and complex carbs. Are you saying that all things being equal except for macro ratios, we’d get the same results? Sorry, but no. Yes, you need a calorie surplus to gain weight, but macros matter if you want that weight to be mostly muscle and you want to stay healthy doing it. You’re advice to others on this forum is generally very bad. Sometimes I think you’re joking your advice is so bad. Apparently not. Why do you even post here, It’ obvious you don’t read any of the articles or you wouldn’t be so ignorant.

Why on earth do people say that food is a supplement?! What does food supplement geniuses?

Nate: I think what REALLY happens is that the average person who replies is about two steps ahead of the person asking the “How do I put on weight/get huge” question. As you look at the people who have answered, you KNOW they know the difference between supplements and food, BUT they also know that USUALLY the “How do I get big with supplements” person has probably overlooked, neglected and/or been haphazard about diet probably 99% of the time. And something else is usually common. That person will usually shoot back with “I eat clean” and/or “I eat like a horse”, blah, blah…we’ll see…

look, just eat tons of food. try to not get much straight sugar, try to get 1g/lb of protein and take 6g of fish oil. Thats works alright with me.

I’m assuming that you are playing rugby union. Best supps for weight gain are androsol and creatine. The powdered weight gainers you can buy tend to be loaded with fat and sugar not the stuff of lean mass - use food instead, though weight gainers may offer a measure of convenience if you’re working.
check out T-mags ‘massive eating’ program, or failing that the ‘pound-o-week’ diet (though preferably the former - it requires more discipline and intelligent choice of food, but will pay off in far more lean gains). If you’re going to load up on food, stick to high protein foods like steak, whole eggs, whole milk, cheese. eat a lot of oatmeal/ rolled oats.
But a bit of advice:

  1. muscle is the currency of athletic performance, not fat.
  2. try running with a 50lb plate in a backpack to simulate how you feel when you’re carrying a whole bunch of extra lard. guarandamntee you’ll go a shorter distance much slower.
  3. rugby union pack weights at the highest level have steadily declined over the last 10 years. more is not necessarily better.
  4. good technique will win you more scrums than 30 extra pounds of fat.
  5. your extra size will not benefit the team much if you have to be subbed off after 15 minutes due to exhaustion. Nor is it any use if you’re too slow to get to the mauls in time.

the moral of the story: eat stricter, gain slower, gain muscle, not fat.