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Best Supplement/PED Stack w/ Heavy Carnivore Bulking Diet?

Hello everyone.

I’m looking to add on pounds over the next few months with a heavy carnivore diet.

If anyone is familiar with Vince Grinoda, you’ve heard of his famous steak and eggs diet. He also touts 36 (fertilized)eggs a day to be the equivalent of a steroid cycle. It’s pretty simple though if that last part is true is highly debatable.

While I will try to stick to that mainly, perhaps slowly working my way up to 36 eggs, I’ll also be throwing in other meats and raw milk protein shakes. With this I hope to pack on a lot of muscle (And fat too inevitably/unfortunately) as well as going really hard at the gym at least 5 days a week. I have shied away from powerlifting workouts but I’ll be trying to really get into that.

Now the question is, with all that on my plate, is it truly wise to add on top of this anything like Mk677 or Ostarine or yohimbine or cla? If I were to add the right stack into this I would think that my results would be incredible but that’s only my guess. So what do you guys think? What should I do? Is there a good stack out there to compliment this, or an I wasting my time?

Man, that’s a lot of eggs.

Ok, so the science of what supplements or PEDs to add is kind of straightforward. Sort of. You’re going to be feeding your cells a lot of fat and protein. Very little energy will come from carbs. So that’s one thing you’ll have to deal with. But what can one take that will help burn fat while you’re eating at what I imagine will be a large surplus? Probably t3/t4? Gh or peptides, maybe. I don’t know. I’ve never been on such a diet so I don’t know what works in practice. I know Ostarine is a bad idea irrespective of diet, so you can scratch that one off the list. Heard good things about MK, but only anecdotal evidence so far. Know what works great? Testosterone. And deca. And dbol. But the truth is this: you’re about to go on a really intense diet that is completely new to your body. You should probably see how you react to just that for a while before introducing any externalities that carry additional unknowns. Safety first. Test out the diet for a while and then see what you can do to optimize it.

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Nope. Steroids change your nutrient partitioning and make you more efficient in retaining protein (among other things). No way eating 36 eggs going to do that. Plus, I’ve done 12 eggs a day for a long time “back in the day” and it will wreak havoc with your gut.

What are your stats? Age? Weight? Time in the gym?

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Make sure you get some gas-x and pepto-bismal those are probably gonna be your go to supplements for this diet

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Im 23 and about 5’5 been lifting for about 2 and a half years I guess.

Thats some very solid advice, thanks for that. I am just in the preparation stage so lets see how it goes.

I only ask because a lot of new guys get caught up in things like this. I did. Its natural but they rarely work the way described. 2 1/2 years in the gym is enough that you should know what works for you in your lifts and to see some changes.

If you really want to grow, you have to eat an excess of calories while being steady in the gym doing solid compound movements. Primarily the squat, legpress, deadlift, seated row, chins, dumbbell bench, and dips. Drop any cardio and focus on perfecting your form on the above lifts.

Try to pull in about 200 grams of protein daily and eat lots of clean calories way above your perceived caloric need.

Powerlifting workouts work pretty well for natural lifters. Focus on a high volume powerlifting program. My arms got bigger when I started squatting, deadlifting and benching hard even though I dropped curls and triceps extensions. There is a place for those lifts don’t get me wrong, but the big compound lifts are my steak and potatoes.

I would suggest making smaller changes to your diet. I mean do you really think you can stick to eating 36 eggs a day. Maybe, have 6 eggs for bfast, and meat with every meal, and throw in a protein shake.

It is more about consistently lifting and eating, than a few weeks of eating 36 eggs.

Well im already doing it to an extent just not consistently. With some changes in my life giving me more freedom, I just want to be able to do it consistently. I honestly dont plan on doing the 36 eggs thing lol. A lot of eggs but not that many lol. Maybe I could work my way up to that if I start doing this long enough.

Besides he stipulated that they must be fertilized eggs to work and honestly idk what kind of net worth Mr. Grinoda had but he must have had it pretty well if he thought people could consistently all the time buy steaks and 36 fertilized eggs. Maybe i could substitute those 36 for carton egg whites? What do you think?

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All that stuff about a fertilized egg being healthier or having more nutrition I’m 99% sure has been proven a myth… Either way that’s a shit load of eggs roughly 250g of protein. I take in 350-400g a day but I couldn’t imagine getting that much from eggs… I already bust ass like I’m getting paid a salary to do so. Do you ever run into any problems with gas like cramping? IV been having that issue a lot lately but can’t find a cure… Sorry that doesn’t answer your question but I’m curious for personal reasons

I’m a powerlifter, so I am not going for shredded to the bone. I eat whole eggs. The yolk is pretty nutritious too.

Say hello to heart disease.


Haven’t found a cure? Maybe listen to your body and cut down on eggs and meat?


Not once did I say I eat excessive eggs or meat. I eat 3 eggs a day for breakfast and a reasonable portion of meat thru out the day. My problem is simply the amount of protein I consume which comes in reasonable amounts from eggs, meats, grains, nuts, shakes etc equal 350-400 g/day gives me horrendous gas. Iv gotten rid of other problems like bloat by increasing fiber but can’t seem to get rid of the butt trumpet

You are nowhere near the level needing anything hormonal. Use the approaach laid out below -ie run through proven programs off this site over the course of the year and can make great progress.

To balance things out and keep gut moving make sure you’re getting in some green/colouful vegetables. DIgestive enzymes with HCL also something to look into

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