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Best Supplement or Food Before Bed ?


I try to go to the cafe as many times as I can during the day and I eat peanut butter, chickpeas, chicken, and as much as I can when I'm not at the cafe. I'm a college student trying to gain weight and am wondering what some of you guys think would be the best thing to have before bed. I'm getting sick of peanut butter before bed, and it takes some time to eat half of tub of peanut butter.

Anybody know what is good to boost up my caloric intake, but is relatively cheap? I'm kind of running out of ideas and may just resort to a weight gainer because it's quick to make.


Some kind of shake with raw eggs would boost calories, if you mix them with milk you can't even taste them. I suggest getting a blender bottle, great investment.


Agree totally. I would add Coconut Milk and whole milk/yogurt as calories dense ingredients too. There is a brand of coconut milk called 'So Delicious' that is in a couple of markets in my area. Its in with the milk in a red half gallon carton. You can also add some of that peanut butter to your shake, but not half a tub! I use almond butter but it is more expensive. But if you have access to Costco, they have a sweet deal on Almond Butter that puts it right there with PB.

And if simply upping calories is your priority why overlook the obvious - Ice Cream!! I'm half-way thru a tub of Eddy Slow-churned right now.


I'd usually have some casein and banana shake before bed. On nights I want something different and 'hardcore' I'd just go with milk and raw eggs.


You say you are going to the 'cafe' while at school. Are you buying meals there? If you are looking for something that is relatively cheap stop paying for meals at school and make them at home.

As for night time shake. two tablespoons natural PB eating off spoon, casein protein, leucine, and EPA/DHA

Weight gainers are easy. I like muscle juice revolution but I am unsure of the price. Milk is good!


Thanks for the input guys.

I'm dorming at school so the cafe is my main diet. That's not a problem though, the problem is late at night when I'm in my room. I've been drinking a LOT of milk recently too before I go to bed, but it gives me stomach problems so I'm going to cut down on that.

Also, I would love to have raw eggs ,but it's a pain to go all the way to the supermarket every other day or so. Usually I get milk at the market on campus and they don't sell eggs.

I use a water bottle instead of shakers so I can just dump it after. I might just resort back to shakes before bed. I guess I'll look for a generic blend of proteins because straight up casein is hard to mix with a water bottle.


Before sleep you want a slow digesting protein. So, something like casein or cottage cheese.


A little fat and some protein. Don't just have protein, especially not just whey. Try some Metabolic Drive and a small handful of almonds or peanut butter (peanut butter via spoon or in the shake -- not in your hand like the almonds, just a tip).


Can of store brand tuna (what,.. about 50 cents each? less if they're dented -lol) and a couple of spoonfuls of natty PB and you're good in my book.



Greek yogurt, you may need to try a couple to find the ones you like but it has a good amount of protein and if you can find one made with whole milk the calories would be perfect for before bed. ( with honey, or fresh/frozen blueberries and raspberries )


I go to trader joes for my fats because they are pretty cheap there. Coconut milk is a buck a can. I know someone recommended SO Delicious, Im not a fan of theirs and I may be wrong on this but i think some of their products contain soy. I would also recommend almond butter over peanut butter. Again at TJ its like 4 bucks. Eggs are a good way to go because they are cheap either that or grassfed/finished ground beef and just make taco meat (Seasoning at TJ is $1.17, I feel like a freaking spokesman). Also if you have got the balls do shots of olive oil (about 300cal in a shot). Dont do too many or you will end up in the bathroom quickly. You can rock 3 shots of EVOO a day thats an extra 900cal.


Currently on the V-Diet I am rocking an 80/20 casein to whey shake with Leucine and I eat about two tablespoons of natural pb


Usually do Casein protein before bed mixed with 1/2% milk. Don't count on needing a ton of calories that point in the day. If you need a little extra you could always mix some peanut butter in with the protein.


peanut butter, honey and whey powder. mix that shit up and demolish. then go back for seconds, because it's freakin awesome.

i have in the past added fish oil and leucine. changed the texture, but still tasted awesome. use chocolate whey


Will they let you take food out of the cafe? I used to walk out with Tupperware containers full of tuna, eggs, spinach, and whatever else I could stock up on.

If they don't like that, try telling them you you have classes back to back and need a lunch for the road, or just be really nice to whoever is regulating and then hopefully they'll let you slide.


I eat either one banana or a spoonful of peanut butter which has so far served me well.


Just a Casein shake should suffice mate.


Casein before bed all day every day.