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Best Supplement Help


I'm currently Olympic lifting and was hoping i could find some help on the best supplement's that i could take for best recovery. I'm not looking to gain any muscle(if i was i would choose a different program)


Surge and ZMA



You should probably tell us your stats (height, weight class, competitive level, snatch, CJ, best sinclair). That would definetly help in determaining the level of supplementation would be helpful for you.


i'm 5'11, about 180-185lb, i'm lifting in the 85kilo weight class(i know i'm tall for a 85 kilo weightlifter) my best lifts are a 100kilo snatch and a 120kilo clean & Jerk. I was already looking at Surge Workout and Surge Recovery, but i wasn't sure if it would help that much since my muscles don't take that much of a betting, its really my joints and nervous system.(i already have the fish oil)


This is whats worked well for me over the years:

vit c
tribulus (in controlled doses)
rhodiola rosea (great for energy boosts)
fish oils


Flameout is designed specifically for inflamation (inflamed joints etc...) and for men.
Powerdrive helps relax the nervous system.

I would take Surge Recovery for the taste alone.


Flameout, which you know, and Power Drive.