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Best Supplement for $$


I am looking to do Waterburys new program i the coming weeks and wanted to add something to my supplemetation since it looks like it will kick my ass pretty hard. Right now i just eat a ton of (mostly) good foods and take creatine, so the base is there. I think im going to definately add Spike or Power Drive as well.

So what is the next step? Im currently not too bad off financially but i would like the most bang for my buck. There are T-boosters, Myostatin inhibitors, colforsin-based Carbolin 19, etc. I remember reading (and finding first hand) that NO2 and GH enhancing products are worthless.

so what is the hierarchy here? thanks!


Surge - if you are in the states.

Goddam I wish I could get that stuff for reasonable money in the UK like you guys can over there.


  1. Protein
  2. Post-Workout Nutrition
  3. Everything else


I don't think any of these Mystatin inhibitors have panned out. Biotest, themselves, used to have one and I believe it's discontinued. No one I know has had success, If the diet and PWO nutrition is in check, I'd go with Carbolin 19.


agreed. don't underestimate the power of quality food either. Grass-fed beef, veggies and fruit, and Grow! can do great things when you're busting your ass, man.


The best supplements?

The big 5 pound tub of cottage cheese and the ginormous can of green beans from Sam's Club. Use the hell out of both.


Well, my Surge is currently two scoops Whey and 2 scoops Gatorade mix, and I am getting about 3900 calories and 250g protein every day through two more 50 gram shakes with flax oil and three meals. This isnt a diet thread but if you are voyeuristically wondering, I am 6', 205 lbs, and a little chubby for an ectomorph after bulking up on this diet since mid November.

Cant you see I am looking for a one-stop wonder pill? lol.