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Best Supplement for . . .


My sister plays volleyball competitively and I'd like to get her a supplement for her to take before her practice or game. What is the best Biotest supplement for her to take? Thanks.


What do you want the supplement to do?


Give her a sugar pill and she won't know the difference :slightly_smiling:

...seriously, what's the objective of the supp? Focus? Performance? What?


Good questions. Sorry for the ambiguity. The goal is to enhance her physical performance.


We need pics of your sister, then we can assess the situation :wink:.


Have her try Spike or Power Drive.


Yeah, don't have her take a supplement, until she can take a PIC for review... and deliberation... about said supplements......


HA HA HA!!! smt_007, that's hilarious! She's fourteen. That's something else I forgot to tell you guys. Is Spike or PowerDrive OK for her to take at her age? Would Surge be something to consider as well? Thanks.


I woundn't have her use any supplements at that age.


Tell her to concentrate


I don't see why, do you want her to take a suppliment just to take a suppliment? Has she actually said she wanted to take any, and if so, then for what reason? If she's 14, she'd be better off fixing and cleaning her diet up, rather than taking suppliments to improve her performance.


Steak and potatos. If its good enough for the greatest basketball player of all time its good enough for her!