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Best Supplement for Tendon Healing?

A few weeks back I was doing some heavy weighted pullups and I felt a sharp pain in my right forearm. I stopped imediately, waited 5 minutes or so and then tried again but it was clear that I’d done some damage and I wasn’t able to do anything else using that arm. I first figured it was just a minor injury, and I was only a few days away from a week deload anyway so I took a week off.

I came back to the gym after the week off and thought everything was fine, as I was able to do some exercises. Then came the day when I had to do pullups again, and I couldn’t even manage a single rep. The pain shot through my arm once again and it was impossible. I then skipped the pullups, did the rest of my back workout and finished off with some hammer curls, although unfortunately the hammer curls caused even more pain, which was strange. Barbell curls were absolutely fine, but it seems that hammers and pullups are the two exercises causing the pain. This has led me to believe that it’s a tendon injury in my forearm. Whenever the pain manifests, it starts at the top of my forearm (near the bicep), and shoots down my arm ending at the wrist. Does anybody have any idea what this kind of injury is?

I’ve got a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to find out exactly what’s up with it, but I’ve got a feeling they’re just going to say “Rest it for a few weeks/months”, which is the last thing I want to do. I WILL of course rest it if necessary, but was wondering if you guys knew of any specific supplement that could speed up the healing of a tendon injury? I’ve seen several suggestions online such as Glucosamine, Collagen, Turmeric, Ginger, Bromelain etc.

TLDR: What kind of supplements can help speed up the healing of a tendon injury?


I had bad tendinitis in my elbow and nothing helped. After reading this article I added B5 twice per day to my supplements along with glycine which I added to my creatine drink once per day. (I read somewhere on here about glycine helping tendon healing but can’t find where, might have been on Thib’s forum). Within 2 weeks my elbow felt 75% better and within a month it was completely better. That’s after 6 months of dealing with the pain and trying different stretches and therapies to no avail.

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I think this was the other article I read. Yes collagen helps heal tendons but glycine helps your body make it’s own collagen.

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Thank you very much, I’ll take a look at those articles now.

Collagen has about 3 grams worth of glycine in it.

Collagen Peptides. It works, I have issues all the time with golfers/tennis elbow and it really seems to help heal faster.

It takes 3 months for full effect though, but I felt it after about 1.5 months.

Glycine tastes sweet, so most people will actually like it.

Collagen peptides claim to be tasteless, but there is definitely a “taste” to it, similar to a watery bone broth is my perception.

Glycine in also cheaper, which makes sense I guess.