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Best Supplement For Plateau?


Hey all.I;ve hit a plateau.This past month I've gained about 4 pounds of muscle and now it's been going slow.I've changed my diet and workout plan ,but is there any good supplements that you guys take that can help me out;give me a boost in this area?Thanks.


It's not very clear what you're trying to say here. If you gained 4 pounds of muscle in a month, you've definitely not hit a plateau.

It's much better to train without supplements for as long as possible to figure out how your body responds to training/nutrition. The only thing I'd suggest is Grow!, Surge, and maybe some Spike for days you want an extra boost in energy.

If you want to reach your goals, you can't rely on some miracle pill to get you there because it doesn't exist. Only time, desire, and effort will get you there.

BTW, you'll get much better responses when posting here if you take the time to edit your posts so that we know you're serious about your question.


How long have you been training? It is not uncommon for newbies who eat right (aka A Ton) to gain a decent amount of mass in a short period of time.

However, 4 pounds a month is not really normal gain. If everyone on here could hit that every month we would be happy. Expect that number to drop over the course of your training. Supplementation should come much later.


Google search hard and you'll find Dr. Serranoo on Fats. Watched him at the last SWIS symposium:

he had hiis athletes on 30 fish oil caps (hiigh quality- NOT COSTCO, etc.) for a month and then dropped to 15/day . .amazing changes in hormonal profiles and insulin sensetivity.

A little less exotic than some stuff out there but neverhteless just as effective and a foundation supplement


Oh,I'm not really a newbie,lol. I've been lifting for a good year now.My diet and exercise plan is right for me.I just thought there was maybe something to add a little boost.Trust me! I don't believe in magic pills,lol.


1 year = newbie

At least in terms of how much more you can grow.


Try to get over it naturally for as long as you can. like every one else said, 1 year is not that long. Some times plats can last for months (or in my experience at least). If worst comes to worst and you have to resort to a supplement, I have experienced good effects of "No Xplode". But its only a temp thing.


What does "No Xplode" exactly do? Help you gain muscle? I think 1 year isn't really new,but not old at all either.I guess it is new though.I've been lifting weights on and off for about 2 years,but I said one year because thats when I really took charge of my lifting. So,all togther would be 3 years,but those 2 don't really count to me,lol. Thanks for your advice guys.Good to have some friends on here that can help me out.


1 year in merely an infant in training age. Dont take it as an insult just the truth you have plenty to learn and can reap benefit from newbie gains still largely.

What does No Xplode do?? It helps you lose weight. LOTS of it. in the form of $$$$$ from yuor wallet. Don buy it instead use all the cash you would have on it to get rolls of pennies. put them in a canvas bag and carry that everywhere with you. You will get Hella results from that. LOL Not a bad idea however.

Hope that helps,


What is your assessment of high quality? Do you know what brand off hand? And why is Costco crap? Some reputable people around here use costco brand fish oil.


I don't see any reason why you couldn't try creatine. It does what NO Explode does for the most part. NO explode will give you a pretty decent burst of energy the first few times you use it. After awhile is kinda fades and overall I'd say it's just as good as creatine.


I do have a bunch of change....lol.


I agree with everyone who's replyed to your question so far. With only a year of serious training under your belt and still gaining a pound a week you really don't need anything extra. Your doing great!

However, some products can be thought of as "supplements to food" instead of "ergogenic aides". Do you use Surge? If not, try it, you'll like it! How about ZMA every night? And someone already asked if you use creatine. Do you? If not, go for it! (just plain-ol' micronized creatine monohydrate).

Those three basic, everyday supplements can really help you in the long run. Spend the rest of your cash on good clean foods.


I'd like to hear the reasoning behind this criticism of Costco fish oil myself.


Yeah,I use creatine on and off.Thanks.What does Surge or ZMA do?


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