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Best 'Supplement' for Fat Loss?


Currently on a cutting diet. what would be the best supplement i could use to help speed up the process.

I cannot get HOT-ROX into my country.Clen is harder to find then a wet spot on a nun here.ECA sounds good but the E part in banned in my country also.

Since im new to the whole fat loss scene can anyone give me any tips.I dont drink caffine at all so would something like caffine tablets help? Isnt caffine suppose to help with fat loss? I really have no idea so go easy on me.

Are any of the regular fat loss products on the market any good?

I have my diet going well im just impatient.Summer is just around the corner so im looking to get into beach ready condition.

Pm me if u guys have any "home made" recipies u could share.

Any help would be appreciated.


Go to nutrition and supps.


also...in the realm of "alternatives" Australia is a bitch man...prob why no real ideas here

honestly i always preferred HOT-ROX extreme over t3/clen believe it or not...of course you may not even be able to get THAT into australia, not sure


this may be of interest...again have no idea about Australia other than its a bitch to get ANYTHING


i love ergolog.com always good stuff there


Agree on ergo-log.com, it's a great site.

Haven't read that bit of info, interesting stuff MP.


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Ive heard this before also, always thought it to be rubbish.

Green tea actually helps you burn fat?


Ha, i thought you called the OP a bitch-man!


I ordered pure ephedrine on the internet and I received a very discreet package with the label:
"Beads for art and crafts" from Jamaica.
Even if they confiscate that you won't lose much money, so you may want to try your luck.

The Alpha F Morning HA shot.

Add 3 table spoons of strong freshly ground Brazilian coffee to a thermal cup.
Add 150ml of hot water.
Leave it to brew overnight ( that allows the powder to sit at the bottom of the cup almost compact ).
In the morning, pour the coffee into a shaker ( you know when to stop when you see the thickness and you know it is the powder so stop pouring then. If you can't stomach a little coffee powder you can use a cloth or a paper strainer ).
Add 1 shallow table spoon of l-Leucine and 2 heaped table spoons of hydrolyzed whey ( or whatever it is 10g of l-Leucine and 40g of hydrolyzed whey ).
Shake vigorously.

I like it just as is but you can add a sugar alternative if you have a sweet tooth or hate the taste of coffee.

There are also some over the counter medicines here in the UK with codeine. You can take codeine and aspirine with the above strong cup of coffee and it will give you a head buzz and increase your heartbeat ( but do read on codeine for adverse side effects ).

There is also a hay fever over the counter medicine called Haymine with 15mg of ephedrine hydrochloride, though if you don't have hay fever the Chlorphenamine might make you drowsy.


Can you not get Carbolin 19? I really liked it both as a bronchodialator and as a diuretic.



HOT-ROX is banned in Aus.


Hahaha ive been called worse


Just checked the Biotest Aus website. We can get Carbolin 19. Retails at $70 .Thats over $1 a tab. Is it really worth it cost/benifit wise??



If you have never used a bronchodilator you don't know how you are going to respond to it so it may not be worth it. Carbolin 19 is my favorite Biotest supplement and the only reason I don't buy from them in bulk regularly is because Fed Ex to the UK will require I pay $80 to the British government. If they packed and sent me as "Beads from Kansas" I would pay but I refuse to give any more tax money to this government.

My suggestion is you email Biotest USA ( here on T-Nation ) and ask them if they would put the HOT-ROX pills into a Rez-V bottle ( or whatever bottle is allowed in OZ ) to guarantee delivery to you. HOT-ROX Extreme contains the ingredient in Carbolin 19.

I love contraband.

; )

Or get Fahrenheit and Carbolin 19 and take them together.


I know this isn't the right place to post, should be in the Supps forum but - Try Trans-D Tropin.

Stimulates GH levels to around 1700% over baseline within 5 weeks of use. I'm sure their study was based on elderly, sedentary women.. But worth a shot. I'm taking it right now, see what happens in a couple more weeks I suppose.

Good luck.


Where did you buy it? Looks interesting from what I read in this clinical study : www.time4health.com/trans_d_tropin/Trans_D_Tropin_Long_Study.pdf