Best Supplement Brands?

I am currently taking GNC brand Protein and Creatine.

I just want to know what is the best
protein and creatine product.


For protein, I’ll go with my beloved Grow! over anything else. The quality of the proteins in the mix simply can’t be beat. Plus, the taste it fantastic.

As for creatine, it really doesn’t matter; just go with the regular ole stuff. There’s really no need for the fancy bells and whistles (transport systems, esters, yada yada yada). Find the cheapest, straight creatine monohydrate; add to your post-workout shake and you’re golden.

Hope this helps!

yea thanks

If you want to get “fancy” with creatine, just get some micronized creatine… but that’s about as snazzy as you would need to get.

I’m with atmosphere on protein - it pretty much begins and ends with Grow!

Either Classic Grow! MRP or Low-Carb Grow!. The two chocolates are entirely different IMO… both great.

That reminds me… Time to go get my Grow! Bars :smiley: