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Best Supp(s) You Ever Used?


What is the best supplement(s) you ever used? Include why you took/used it and how it helped.

Aside from the basics (whey, simple carbs, fish oils etc) what has really benefited you in terms of muscle mass, fat-loss, mood, and general health or well being?

Also, it could be a fairly common product but for a less obvious reason (something like glutamine getting your guts healthy or some spice/0-cal food product that made sticking to your diet that much easier)

Anyway, figured a thread like this could be helpful...


Testosterone Enanthate.

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MG Powdered Muscle. Just makes me feel great both during and after my workout. The pump that comes from the super hydration ingredients in it is crazy. Only been using it for 2 weeks though.....we'll see how it still does after about a month or 2,

  1. Creatine
  2. Gainers
  3. BCAAs


Creatine was probably the only thing I really FELT a difference when using it vs not using it in the strength department. Beta alinine being second place there.

I know it's coming under fire moreso lately by Palumbo's fat burners were really quite good for me, not good enough to shell out money for when I can get a solid product for free... but if I was buying one it would be both of those.

Most of what I take is for general health so it's a little difficult to say how much Vitamin D or a multi vitamin is really helping.


A lot of the time, the basics, when used appropriately, are some of the most effective. Flameout was the first supplement that had me actually notice that my knees weren't creaking when walking upstairs.

Other than that, Surge Workout Fuel was the first time I really noticed that I was nearly finished with my planned workout for the day but still felt like I only did a warm-up. Specifics as far as muscle gained, fat lost, etc. aren't as easy to narrow down, since they weren't necessarily tracked at the time.

If I remember right, the first few workouts with Surge Workout Fuel, I was getting +3 or 4 reps per set at the tailend of the workouts when I'd normally expect just +1 or 2 reps. I eventually increased things all around, so that I was working at a higher capacity throughout each session.

Frank's Red Hot. If I were Bear Grylls, I'd pack this everytime out to make the maggots, eyeballs, testicles, and dung a culinary delight.


MAG-10 (not the new stuff). Gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks on it and strength went through the roof

down right scary how good that stuff was.

Z-12 take it for good restful sleep, but nice benefit is it's mood calming effects the next day

creatine- don't really need much info here


Gonna sound like another 'old timer' here, but I'll go with Flameout as well. There's no way around some effects of wear and tear if you plan on training for the long run, and eventually, no matter how careful you are, you will start to feel it.

As much as I always tried to get away with the cheap storebrand variety of fish oils, the actual Flameout Pills always had a readily noticeable effect on my training, as well as my day to day body comp (I just seemed leaner despite no real dietary adjustments). I can't imagine not relying on them on a daily basis.



Stu do you Increase or decrease the Dose depending if you're in prep or not?

If so how how? And how much is a regular dose for you?


I'll usually pop 2-3 with each meal, ending up with 10-12 capsules a day. During preps though, on my lower carb intake days, I'll take 4 with each meal, rationalizing that the extra fat will fill me up more, slow the digestion of the limited food I'm ingesting, and hopefully help keep my hormones from dropping.

Sometimes when things are aching a bit more than usual, I'll pop an extra 4-5 before bed with my Mineral Supps.



It's quickly becoming my favorite too, haha.



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For us who joined this site not long ago, what did the old MAG-10 consist of? Why was it stopped?


It was a pro-steroid supp.

I agree that it was pretty awesome, although I've been pretty blown away with the results I've been seeing since starting ANACONDA.



500 mg x2/day has had a tremendous positive impact on my mood, energy, and cognitive function. It's important that you take it on an empty stomach.

Biggest disappointment for me has been Kava. Even 700 mg (210 mg Kavalactones) didn't do shit for me.


Original MD6 Fat burner by Biotest, that was an awesome fat burner.


Surge Recovery has helped out a lot for me. I used to be scared of the high level of carbs, but the more and more I read about post-workout fast digesting carbs the more I took it to heart. Surge Recovery is nice because I don't have to worry about taking a scoop of whey and finding some gummy bears to go with it; everything is put together in one simple shake. After using it for a few weeks I noticed that I was in fact recovering quicker. The typical 48-hour window went down to about 24 hours.

Also, Flameout is insane. If I take Flameout 4 times a day I can train almost every day without feeling wrecked.


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Hey, not meaning to high jack the thread, but I was thinking about buying some Carbolin 19 when they get some more. I was just wondering though, can forskolin (or corsfolin) be taken with a stimulant like caffeine (mainly from coffee). Im just curious if the caffeine can inhibit the effects of the compound.


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