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Best Supp Plan For Muscle?


Just to clarify a few things, I am not a professional athlete or a bodybuilder. My goal is simply to gain as much muscle mass as possible while minimizing the fat gain. The majority of my caloric intake comes from protein, healthy fats and only a minimum amount of carbs (around 50 grams a day) from veggies and spinach. I do not consume any fruits.

Saturday and Sunday are my cheat days during which I pretty much eat what I want, but within reason. On those days I do consume a lot more carbs from bread and sweets, but for the rest of the week I follow a very strict diet and keep carbs under a tight control. I am not afraid of extra calories that are necessary to support muscle growth, but I have to say that as a former fat boy, I am afraid of carbs.

My workouts last for about 1 hour including a 10-minute warm-up. I take 5 minutes rest intervals between each exercise and about 2 minutes rest between each set. I do not do cardio.

As I have already mentioned, my goal is to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible, but I am having a hard time deciding which of the three supplements (Surge Workout Fuel, ANACONDA or MAG-10) is the best fit for my diet and workout. I can only afford one of three.

Also, whatever supplement is the answer, let's say, ANACONDA, how should I take it given my diet and workout and since I already take Alpha-GPC, BCAA, BETA-7, Creatine, Power Drive, and Receptormax pre-workout, I am wondering if it is an overkill and what is the correct way to stack it with, say, ANACONDA, or any other of the three supplements.



If it were me, I would take ANACONDA+SWF+MAG-10 instead of "Alpha-GPC, BCAA, BETA-7, Creatine, Power Drive, and Receptormax". The carbs in SWF peri-workout will aid re-glycogenation and won't trigger any fat storage.


I would not limit carbs to 50g on training days. I had a buddy at the gym I trained at years ago when I was in L.A., He had played Football for USC until he hurt his back, and had become a full blown gym rat. His "get big diet" (as he called it) involved cubed steak with a bowl of rice and hot sauce every two hours. Don't worry so much about supplements, your limiting of any macronutrient will do more harm than good in the long run.

Oh yeah, carbs from most green and fibrous veggies (spinach, broccoli, peppers, onions) don't add in to your daily carb intake, so you're skewing your numbers there. A girl I'm prepping for a figure show decided on her own to alter the diet plan I gave her. In switching out the carb sources I had advised, and replacing them with fibrous veggies, she messed up her numbers pretty badly. Not only should she not have counted the 100g of carbs she was ingesting from veggies into her daily allotment, but that also translated into 400 calories that she thought she was eating, taht she really wasn't (you can see the issue here!)



There are no guys who built as much mass as possible who followed this plan.


There is a great supplement plan for muscle, it's called food.


So your diet is shit, you eat like a 12 year old girl and you want to get big?

If you want to get big, then eat carbs, throughout the day, every day.

If it will make you feel better, do carb cycling where training days are high carb and off days are low carb.

Really anything short of starvation will probably give you better gains...

Post training pack in so many carbs you feel like you are going into a sugar coma. 150-200g


You don't need to go 50 grams of carbs to minimize fat gains, you need to see what is the amount of carbs for your body to grow without putting on too much fat. Set a goal for your height about muscle mass, as much as possible isn't a tangible goal. When you set your goal and find your carb tolerance you'll be on your way.

About supplements, I think food is more important. You can only just take creatine and whey, but if you eat like a big bodybuilder you'll eventually get there. Don't forget progressive overload in training, results on bodybuilding come from a hollistic approach.


Setting an unrealistic caloric surplus is how you gain fat...

the higher you set the surplus, the more fat you will gain in relation to muscle....for ex say someone is 180lbs and 12% bf...they choose to gain 25lbs in a yr...well, they could probably gain 15lbs of muscle and 10lbs of fat if they train very hard and have avg genetics...his bf% will go from 12% to 15% which is ok....However, if that same individual decides to gain 50lbs in a yr, he may only gain 20lbs of muscle and 30lbs of fat...he would have increased his bf% from 12% to 22%...

a true 500 calorie surplus everyday is 50lbs in a yr....

most people set their surplus to that amount or higher...gain 20lbs in 3-4 months and realize they've gotten to fat, so they diet down....since they have no idea how to diet, they end up losing muscle mass and making minimal progress...

on the otherhand, if you didn't eat a caloric surplus, you would look the same every yr...I guess that is worse...


sat and sun (im assuming you train mon to fri) are your "cheat" days the rest of the week about 50g carbs a day . change this around have some cheat foods and most of your carbs pwo on training days and save your low carb (50g) days for rest days . as i keep saying carbs dont make you fat , carbs with excess cals make you fat . as for the supps well youre taking a good few as it is .


If you want to get as big and strong as possible, don't listen to that last dude. 50 carbs a day is not enough. Not at all. Shit, when I am cutting I am still eating about 350g carbohydrates a day. When I am maintaining I eat about 450. When I am gaining I eat 650-700.

Being big means eating big.

As for supplements, BCAA, protein, creatine, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Fish oil, Magnesium/calcium/zinc or a good multi-mineral. And a generic multi vitamin. I like geritol, but it doesn't matter too much.


50g a day for training days is not enough but for rest days 50g of carbs is plenty as long as your gettin your cals n macs in .plus the op sounds carbopobic from the way hes been eating ( 50g carbs on trainin day wtf) so he probably wont want to jump on the insulin carbo train to anabolic city straight away .


I used to make this mistake. You will require the carbs to grow on your 'off days'. MAYBE drop them slightly depending on how you handle them but certainly not as low as 50g a day. Personally I would try to keep carbs at the same level every single day during a mass gain high but not excessive. I usually hit 400-500g. Gradually tapering up to that, maintaining that level for months and then, if I decide to cut (very rare, still super skinny) gradually reduce that amount.