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Best Supp for Strength?


what would the best supplement for increasing strength?

I just got no-xplode but I'am wondering if there is something better?

  1. Food
  2. more food
  3. food contaning protein

  4. any creatine type, because its dirt cheap. Because its so cheap and simple, Creapure type creatine is known for its purity. (Like the stuff on the site here)

Some people have better results on Creatine Ethyl Ester.

Oh, throw out the NO-Explode, it is (no joking) not good for you. Dave Barr wrote an article about creatine, and some stuff that manufactures add into it. The article is on the site here. No-xplode has those ingredients (which aren't good).


any no2 or no- product is garbage, its been said time and time again.


I'll tell you the secret to massive strength gains but only if you promise not to tell anyone else...ok...so after you've read this I want you to destroy this thread and don't tell another living soul...keep your mouth shut...

here's the ultra-secret plan:

1) eat, and I mean eat alot, so much food that you absolutely hate eating...and then eat more...don't wuss out on this...eat, eat, EAT!

2) sleep, lots of sleep, try to get at least ten hours or more of sleep a day...spend as much time as possible outside of the weight room sitting on your ass or lying down...if at all possible, hire someone to wheel barrel you around when ever you have to move (remember to bring some food with you in the wheel barrel)...

3) squat, bench, deadlift, and row heavy weights...always trying to increase the amount of weight you use...don't be one of those lazy pussies that wander around the gym taking shit easy, kick fucking ass during your workouts...

4) have your wife/girlfriend do all the work during sex...you should just lay there while she's on top of you doing all the huffing and puffing (afterward have her make you a sandwich and feed it to you to make up for any precious lost calories you may have accidentally burned off during the sexual encounter)...

5) try to sell all of your no-xplode to some stupid kid that thinks that crap works...

good luck!


No-explode has creatine in it tho.


whats so hated about noexplode again?


because the arginine in all NO (nitric oxide, i belive) doesn't do what it claims to to nearly the degree that it claims. (give you an all day, or long lasting muscle "pump")


From that article

those are in NO-Explode and Muscle Milk, among others.