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Best Strength Sport for Strength?


Yeah but, Fraser says himself he moved on to cross fit because he was not good enough for weightlifting.


He probably thought he wasn’t good enough to win. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have been good enough to compete. It’s just not in his personality to accept losing.

I’m not sure of his weight but he looks like a pretty big dude. He might not be strong enough to compete at his current weight.


"Colin Burns: How long were you strictly training for weightlifting before CrossFit, and can you tell us about that experience?

Mat Fraser: Before starting CrossFit, I trained for weightlifting for 10 years. I started when I was about 12 years old. During my weightlifting career, I was ‘03, ‘05, and ‘07 school-age champ, ‘09 Jr. National champ, and ‘09 Jr. World Team member. In 2009, I broke my L5 vertebrea in two spots and had to receive surgery to fix it. I was a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs from ‘08-09 and resident athlete at the Olympic Education Center from ‘10-11.

CB: What inspired you to transition from one sport to the other?

MF: I started CrossFit by accident. I had retired from weightlifting, and didnt step foot in a gym for 4 months. During this time, I lost about 25 pounds and got fat, all at the same time. I decided I wanted to start weightlifting again casually just to get in shape, so I looked up a CrossFit nearby just to see if I could use their bumpers and bar. I started going in more and more often to lift, and every once in a while, the members would convince me to do one of their workouts. After a while, I saw my potential in the sport and started training for it exclusively."

He was quite successful in O-lifting. He stopped due to injury.


To be a real life Superman, train and eat like a competitive strongman.

To be a real life Batman, train and eat like a competitive CrossFitter.

So the question really is, who’d win in a fight, Superman or Batman? Answer that and you’ll know how to train.


What if I want to be a real life Ghost Rider? How do I train for that!?



I guess I don’t need to lift anymore! Who wants to squat when you can walk on fire lol


We get a lot of crossfitters turn up where I train. Most of them try strongman because they are strong crossfitters (their opinion/reasoning may not line up well with reality).

I would say most turn up with good base strength but they all get much stronger within their first 3 months.

So from my limited exposure, I wouldn’t look at crossfit to get strong.


I’ve noticed gyms now have a strength portion followed by a Metcon or traditional WOD. It seems that the importance of strength is now known to the CrossFit community but their goal of constantly varied activity still gets in the way.


Would you rather fight 100 crossfit sized strongmen or 1 strongman sized crossfitter?


The 100 strongman. They’ll all be too broken to fight well.


do extremely crazy people count? I’m betting my money on them.

Something about crazy person strength.


This is interesting if you guys haven’t see it.


I love Strength Wars.


Cool video, but if you had to choose battling 100 grizzly sized cyclists or 1 goose sized strongman, I think you’d have the better bet with the cyclists.


soooo the guy with the highest squat max (by a pretty decent margin) was able to squat for the most reps.

Never would have guessed.