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Best Strength Gains Ever?

What were your best strength gains ever? Lets say in a 12 months period. What’d eat?
BW gain? Program?

For three consecutive years I gained 50 lbs. on my medium grip bench press, two years in a row I gained 90-100 lbs on my squat and dl both. I ate some beef and eggs and a “lot” of bread, pasta, and rice 5 times per day. I slept alot. I was net gaining around 15 pounds of BW a year. I was a little thin to start with. I lifted 2-3 times per week. SQ and DL were rotated every week for a 5-8 rep max. Bench was either a 5 rep max one day and a 2 rep max the second or just a 2 rep max depending on the time of season. Assitance lifts were once a week of mp, db tri ext, and a chin or row. I went 3 weeks on 1 week off completely from lifting.

These were “new” gains and not comeback gains. By the age of 23 I was as strong as I’ve ever been. From reading posts on this site and others I realize that I was “ok” strong at that age.

I also drank milk and oj. I took some creatine in cycles and when I had them a multivitamin.
It seemed as if most of my gains come as the season started and then progressed, mentally I was much more into the training.