Best Strategy for Test Replacement?

I’m 41, my test levels are way low…like no libido in the daytime, only throughout the night and early morning upon awakening. I’m disillusioned with supplements and diet as a solution although USP labs Powerfull has helped a little.

So,what’s a good longterm strategy in terms of steroids/hormone replacement that will revitalize my quality of life? I’m assuming that, with my levels as low as they are and doubtlessly getting lower, the fear of natural production shutdown is not even an issue anymore. However, perhaps estrogen conversion might be.

Should I attack this through estrogen blocking, prolactin reduction or testosterone replacement? Also, would the Powerfull supplement be a keepe since it primarily boosts HGH and has prolactin lowering qualities?

These are all good questions to concern yourself with.

Honestly, however, being a 41 year-old man you may want to direct these questions on the Over 35 Lifter forum. A great deal of members there are or have been in your situation and have benefited greatly from a regime of hormone replacement.

Good luck.

Oh, by the way…

Roll Tide

What Contrl said. The Over 35 guys who use AAS have goals more similar to yours. I forget who said it but here most guys are trying to surpass their natural state while you seem to just want to get back to normal. Well, maybe a little better than normal but you see what I mean…

One thing you might want to do is go see your doc and get some bloodwork done to see where you stand. At the very least, it will give you a baseline comparison for down the road…