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Best straps?? What do yall like

Okay guys, i’ve never used straps before as i feel they weaken the grip, but on things like barbell shrugs i can only get about 3 reps with 505 before it slips from my hands and endangers the toes of all around me. So seeing as i’ve never owned a pair what kind do yall like.

We use APT brand straps. And they’re excccccelent. You can check 'em out at prowriststraps.com

Not only are they topnotch, the customer service from APT is also exccccellent.

I have some from Ironmind, but I’ve not used them yet. Waiting to do some high pulls with them.

APT is the best. Comfy and durable.

The best pair of straps I ever had were homemade from a car seatbelt. I haven’t used many name brands but the ones i have used are either too thick and dont wrap around the bar well or are to loose and cut my hands or have to be pried off the bar after a set.

Schiek Sports makes some great and very comfortable straps. They’ve got a strong neoprene wrist support as well.

Cheap and simple IMO. I’ve had my no-name’s for about 10 years now. Probably cost me $10 max. They’re not used every day when I train, as I generally believe in developing grip strength to the fullest. However with heavy deads, shrugs, high rep BW chins, hanging ab exercises, they work just fine. Getting a bit frayed around the edges now, but hey, they still do the job. Would buy cheap and cheerful again. After all, they’re only STRAPS!

Oh, BTW, 1 thing that an old friend taught me by experience (thanks Mr C Bayne!)- no matter how sweaty they are, DON’T try to put them in the washing machine! You’ll end up with more frays than substance. Just some friendly handed down advice. (Therefore you can imagine how my straps look/smell now- a potential biohazard :-)) SRS

SRS is right, buy cheap. Its just a strap. For those who will argue which is best, uses them more than they let on.Grip is important but when doing reps of almost any back movement w/ respectable weight, you can only hold on for so long, then what suffers…well, its not the grip!

Under $10 w/ pad, and don’t worry…the smell comes and goes.The added bonus the more they smell the less someone will take them if you leave them lay around.

Grizzley Fitness: Grizzley wraps.

They have a website. Do a yahoo search.

Thanks guys i’ll let ya know.

Grizzly has some really high quality equipment, and as thunder said, I really love me Schiek’s, they were purchased four or five years ago, used for only the heavy stuff, but still look brand new…