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Best Store-Bought Pizza?


I like Freschetta garlic crust and the ones you get from Sam's Club.

I'm craving pizza. I am compulsively stingy about spending money on food though so I hate ordering from an actual pizza place.


Well, if you're cheap, it's hard to beat the CiCi's buffet. Bring a book, eat, read for a couple of hours, then hit the buffet again for a second meal at no extra cost.

For cook at home, I prefer Kashi. But it's not cheap.


Red Baron Pepperoni


Sluicy, too bad you're not in Maine anymore. Hannaford's (Shop n Save) has a new line of branded foods including pizzas. They have a thin crust flat bread pizza (read: real pizza) that is better (both taste and texture) than any pizza shop pizza I've had in this state (maybe except Flatbread and Pizza Joint in Portland).




I have had it when I've been home, actually. I really miss Shop N' Save, what a great grocery store. I don't know if it's New England in general or just the Hannaford line but whenever I move elsewhere, the fruits and veggies are absolute crap unless you pay through the nose.


California Pizza Kitchen thin crust Scicilian and Garlic Chicken and the self rising Cajun and Thai Chicken


I like to go Target because their Archer Farm's offerings are really good and they also have the California Pizza Kitchen, which are also delicious. Can't go wrong.

But pay attention to one thing:

The pizzas with meat pretty much only have meat and cheese. But the ones with vegetables are loaded with vegetables. It's almost as if these fuckers running the show assume "dumb meat eaters" hate vegetables or something.

I want one of their loaded ass vegetable pizzas with some sausage or pepperoni, is that so hard? No, it's gotta be meat+cheese or every vegetable, no combos. For some obsessive compulsive reason, I must have a fruit or veggie with every meal. A meat and cheese pizza doesn't cut it. Neither does all vegetable.

So I have to add my own pepperoni.


I love Tombstone Naturally Rising.


God damn you Americans, you have the best stuff :frowning:


Thank you, thank you. bows


I do enjoy the California Pizza Kitchen brand pizzas occasionally.


Oh, and you know what else I miss about New England? You can actually buy liquor in the grocery store. What a novel concept! These crazy Southerners and their dry towns.


Anybody know of a good substitute for Dominoes thin crust meat feast?


/thread. SOOO good.


/thread. SOOO good.


Are you T-Nationers or what? Pizza is not good


Heresy! Pizza is Great!


Anything is better than Domino's :wink:


I've seen frozen Flatbread in either Hannaford's or Stop & Shop.


The last time I was in Flatbread in Portsmouth, my favorite - Punctuated Equilibrium - was off the menu. They still have one of my favorite salads with arame seaweed and toasted sesame seeds on the menu. I had it when I was up in Portland last year for a Roller Derby bout.

[Edit: Hannafords. There is a list of stores on the website.]