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Best Stone Sleeves?


Hey guys!

I’ve never used stone sleeves. Most I’ve ever gotten on a platform was a 340 stone, at a 190 BW. Looking to improve performance, and willing to invest in new equipment. So don’t factor cost into advice here. What are the best sleeves on the market? I’ve looked at a few options. Victory, Shaw Sleeves, 4armour, etc. Anyone here used a few different ones to compare?

And side question, what tacky do you guys like? Do you prefer a different tacky with sleeves?


I’ve been using Victory Stone Sleeves and they seem pretty good. I generally go with elite tacky, but I’m using spider tack atm just cause I had some left over a while ago.

I prefer going with bare skin at contests just because I feel I get less variable with the stones. In training, ofc, I use sleeves or tape just to avoid tearing up my forearms perpetually.


that’s all really great info. I decided to buy elite tacky, since i’ve used spider before. Really, really liked it this weekend. Got the 340 stone at my gym to a 52" platform with it, and it didn’t feel like a true max.

I ended up buying the shaw sleeves. I’ll report back on how they feel, a buddy has those brown victory ones, i’ll compare them side by side.

So, I’m going to get exactly 1 training session in with the sleeves before my next comp. My Next comp will have a stone series up to 330 lbs, so I’ll give it a run with the sleeves, assuming I like them in training. My next show after that is USS nationals in June, and the biggest stone is 360. So I’ll be able to train a few more times, with different stones, with the sleeves to see if I prefer bare arms or sleeves for comp purposes.

side note: I’m one of the few people who prefers doing stones shirtless. Feels so much better to me, no slipping shirt to deal with.


Cool… look forward to your opinion - especially around if there is any slipping.


Well I have the sleeves now, put them on. Definitely need assistance putting them on to get them tight. But they feel really good, I’ll put them to use this evening. Will be trying them with and without tacky.

It seems like I’m going to need to duct tape the sleeves at the top and bottom to keep them from slipping.


I have a set of leather archery forearm guards. I secure them in place with med tape. They seem to hold tacky well and don’t move much. Also, they were $4 on Amazon :sweat_smile:


Badass dude, I’ve been looking into sleeves too. When Eddie Hall came to our gym last August, he swore by Shaw Sleeves, and so did Hafthor when he came a year before that. I hate the price of them though so I’m also wondering what others use.

You gonna be 181 at USS Nats?


Yessir. Gonna be a hell of a water cut, but I’ll make it.

The contest I’m doing this weekend in Austin, Tx is actually all the same events, using basically the same equipment that will be at Nats. But I’ll do 198 for this one, no water cut. Waking up anywhere between about 197 and 201 right now.

Back to the sleeves…

I liked them, but I suffered an SI joint injury loading a 300 lbs stone Tuesday. Hoping to be in good enough shape to compete this weekend, I’ve been taking muscle relaxers and prednisone to speed up the recovery. I may just do the first 4 events for practice, and skip the stones to be safe. I don’t care about winning this show, it’s just for nats prep.