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Best Steroids for Medium Distance Runners?

I was wondering what the preferred steroids were for runners going anywhere between 800m and 3 miles? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

probably winstrol, as it increases rbc, and doesn’t create water retention. The only difficulty I could see would be, by the time the winstrol had sufficiently cleared the system, the benifits of increased RBC would probably have dissapeered, since most RBCs last about 3 months in the human body, and that is the approximate time it takes for winstrol to become undetectable in tests

I would not mess with steroids; I’d go right for EPO.

Using the steroids (even if yoy let them clear out of your system before the race) might help in the recovery process after training, letting you train more intensely before the race.

Regardless of steroid use, I’m with josh on the EPO (erythropoietin). EPO is used to increase RBC production. The only problem is that you have to be careful as using too much EPO can lead to extremely high RBC levels, impairing blood flow to the heart and brain leading to a myocardial infarction (heard attack) or stroke. You can stop taking EPO long enough before your race so the levels of EPO in your body return to natural levels while you retain the benefits of increased RBC levels for a few weeks after ceasing EPO supplementation.

You could always look into artificial oxygen carriers, though I don’t know much about these.


Is there a market for EPO? Can your average person find it somewhere or is it something easily obtainable?

Ive heard of runners using “RED CELL” I know it’s made for horses and readilly available at feed stores…
Not sure of the dosage but everything I’ve seen veterinary is by the pound…
Oh yeah it’s some oral Yucca flavored syrup…

Is EPO cosidered a steroid, or more importantly is it also illegal to buy in the US. Pharmacy I have used before does not carry it.

EPO is a kidney hormone (also produced to a much lesser extent in the liver). It is available by prescription for people with kidney disorders. It is usually available as a freeze dried powder to be reconstituted with sterile water, and injected. Depending on where/who you buy from it’ll come already mixed.

Typically a person should start with 20 IU/Kg 3 times/week. After 2-4 weeks a maintenance protocol of 20 IU/kg once a week is used.

It is obviously banned by most every athletic organization. Considering it’s a prescription drug in the US I’m sure it’s posesion is illegal. And no, there isn’t much of a market for EPO to the average joe, at least not from my experience. It’s typically available in higher competition sports settings (mainly running/endurance and performance-based settings).