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Best Steroid For Sprints


would like to know whats the best for sprints. only looking for oral stuff.

can i get advice on:
clearance time
most reliable place to get it.

ive read speed trap. but i assume dianabol is easily tested now.
thanks in advance.


from the snooping and reading ive done, anavar supposedly is the best.


ok. Seems like you don't know a lot about these steroid things. So I am going to give you a "quicky".
There aren't any steroids that are sport specific -good for sprinters not good for pumpkin carvers. The drugs that you are looking at possess certain properties that do not bulk or bloat people. Which is why they are used in strength sports where excess weight or size is not desired, but increased speed, recovery, and strength is. (for anyone that wants to debate that nanadrolone or boldenone are specific for endurance atheletes due to increased hematopoesis ... go argue to someone else)
ummm .. where was I? So the orals that you are looking at are:
Anavar(Oxandrolone)- 3week clearance
d-bol(Methandrostenolone)- 5-6week clearance
winstrol(stanozolol)- 3week clearance,
are all going to show up on a drug test if you are not outside the clearance time ... they are ALL easily testable.
What else? Oh, where to get steroids? Where is the best source? No one will tell you that because steroids are illegal. And giving explicit information on how to commit illegal actions is not going to happen, even on an internet board.
Oh, I didn't give you dosage protocols because it is a waste of time since you don't have anything to take, and (unfortunately for you) sounds like don't have a source. But probably better in the long run since you don't know what you are doing anyway.


Lazy. Do some research yourself.


i have done research, i used the search on this forum but only found one thread about sprinting. ive read some other books but that were about protocols from the 80's.

for the other response, thanks alot. like you said i dont know much that why im trying to find out. do you now if even you are tested well outside the clearance time can the tests also measure other levels in your body to come to the conclusion that u were taking something????


Unless you find some brand-new exotic compound, just about everything out there is being tested for. You're right to stick with orals since they usualy clear the system in about 24-48 hrs. I personally consider non-aromatizing agents such as Winstrol to be good. Tren would be good if not for the side-effects most encounter. Even a steroid associated with powerlifting such as Halotestin can improve sprint speed, but try to monitor your blood pressure while on Halo.


so what im hearing is anavar and winsrol may be the most suited, is this correct.
if so do you choose one and stick to that. and do u need the anti estrogens forthese (please excuse me if it sounds like i have no clue) coz i dont :slightly_smiling:
are those 2 better than dianbol?


ok i read some more.
so anavar is similar to dbol, but its safer. they say anavar can be used with other testost stuff, but would i still get benifits from jsut anavar.

winny is good for cutting up, but would you use both???

so far avavar seems like the one to go for, if i do what are some things i should know before i start?


I remember this same thread about 20 years ago. I think the posters username was



ok i have been using anavar now for approx 4 weeks. i have decided to use it as im obssesed with sub grappling and bjj. it has helped my training greatly-really good stuff.

anyway a large part of my conditioning is sprints and track work, as i use to be a track athlete aswell.
Let me tell you this, i feel so damn good with anavar whilst on the track, that im doing more track training than grappling at the moment.

maintaining form and stride pattern for longer is a definate bonus from the var. doing 400 ladders is an absolute pleasure where it use to be an absolute punishement. its awesome. hightly recomended for training puposes great recovery too. just cease taking it atleast three weeks out from your meets.


ok great, thanks.
so like i said sounds like anavar is the one, a couple of things. ive heard others say you should you some test or even tribulus will taking it.
would 3weeks on 3 weeks off be a good intro for me. also sounds like anavar has the least side effects and doenst mess around with you natural testosterone.
does d-bol mess around woth natural testestorone? or even winistol.


ok a few more things i found,please correct if im wrong.
the main 3 im looking at are now

primobolan 100-200mg/week, sounds good for lean muscle and cutting.

anavar - 15-25mg/day, may be better for strength, could possily be used with primo.

winstrol-slightly beter for mass, 15-25mg/day, but sounds like it a bit tough on the liver so im not so keen.

what do you guys think of these.
would it be best to stack of just use either anavar or primo and possibly with smaller amounts that it said.


Ben Johnson ran his ridiculously fast world record and then tested positive for stanozolol (Winstrol). That tells you two things:

1 - Stanozolol probably helps you run faster.

2 - Stanozolol is really easy to test for.

Here is Aus the Australian Sports Drug Agency were on TV, and they said "Any athlete in this day and age who uses old steroids such as stanozolol or nandrolone is plain stupid, as they will definitely be caught."

I know you guys watch boring sports and haven't mastered the metric system yet, (ha ha cheap shots, zing!) but I'm sure your drug testing is at least as good as ours.


i mentioned before, im not keen about winstol just coz of the side effects. and like you said it is probs the most tested drug, but also if you are outside the clearance time shouldn't you be ok.

i jsut heard someone say that var shuts down your testosterone in 3weeks of taking it, has anyone experienced this, and someone has said they got to tight on var and couldnt run without heaps and heaps of strecthing, any find this.


BJ was taking dbol, not winstrol, in speed trap it says they tried winny but made them to tight so they kept on wiht dbol


Ben Johnson also didnt use much AAS, and squatted 600 pounds to boot.

Get your ass under the bar newbie and squat.


ok well that post didnt help.
im justing asking for advice here.


don't do it.


He said he only wants orals. That leaves the Prop out of it.

Anyway, my suggestions...get your squats and plyos up to par before worrying about drugs. After that, Anavar or Halotestin are good choices for short-term use. Anavar is kinda pricey, though...


go to www.elitefitness.com
plenty of steriod info there