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Best Steroid for Keeping Your Gains


Hey guys what steroid do you all think is the best opt as far as being able to keep the gains you make. From what I have researched it seems to be trenbolone or maybe boldenolone.....

what do yall think


There's always Primobonolone.

Oxandrolonolone is pretty good for that too.


Anything that makes slow, deliberate, lean gains is easier to keep.

Type I activity is also easier to keep.

My theory is that people who think they have lost alot muscle post cycle with test and dbol and other common compounds, have merely lost fullness and pump, and retained water in the muscles. Pair this with the loss of strength from the androgen not being in the system and you feel like you have lost 5 pounds of muscle.

When really you have lost 5 pounds of mostly water and androgen induced strength.

That muscle you "lost" never really existed in the first place.

Do you lose muscle ? Yes, is it usually dramatic ? Not if your doing everything correctly or are far above your genetic limits.




IME, TRT dosages of test e


never heard of that stuff dude


Fair enough, as I never heard of boldenolone! :slight_smile:


Prop, you will keep it all if you pct


best steroid for keep gaining is the one you never come off


ok my bad.......i meant boldenone undecyclenate (a derivative of test)


oh dude, did you just jump in the ring with Bill Roberts?


Is T-bol a good one to keep gains ran with test cyp.


I know that there are popular steroid books that like to talk about things in a way that ascribes qualities to things such as being better for keeping gains, and so forth.

However I don't think there's any evidence that muscle, once built, "knows" what was used to stimulate its growth and accordingly responds differently at a later time.

Instead, the real issues are, how much muscle growth is actual increased contractile protein instead of just being water and added glycogen (which will disappear), and was the cycle planned (including PCT) and the compounds chosen such that recovery of natural testosterone afterwards was quick and effective.


For me, there is no noticeable change when coming off Anavar (oxandrolone) other than an end to incessant terrible heartburn. Size and strength seem to stay the same. I should say I do very short weight workouts: One body part x3 exercises 10/8/7/6/5/3/1. I am not beyond my genetic limit.


Great point BR! I think the way you train on cycle really effects what you "keep" off. Rep ranges of 10-20 fade a lot more than 1-3 rep ranges


I should have mentioned training as well. Glad that you did.

Another thing is the practice many have of, as soon as ending the cycle, deciding "Oh I can't handle these weights anymore now that I don't have the steroids!" and immediately and quite unnecessarily dropping to much less weight. That is a great way to lose gains.


Also training with 90%+ 1RM poundages [aka the 1-3rep range] builds tendon and ligament strength which does not fade away as fast the skeletal muscles gains achieved within the muscles simply due to increased protein and glycogen synthesis


Also, when training in general BB ranges (6-12 IMO), it is prudent to reduce volume, while keeping weight as high as previously or as high as physically possible at least..


lots of good info......... thanks guys


I liked Anavar (Oxandrolone) I have not lost a thing since coming off and I am still trying to train like I did when I was on it. I am not a big fan of orals but this was a nice cycle while cutting. I would have to agree you need to keep on training hard to keep those gains.