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Best Star Wars Spoof Ever



Not in any way politically correct, and if you are easily offended, don't watch this cartoon.

Then again if you are easily offended, what the fuck are you doing here?

Click on the Watch This Movie link.


thank you so fucking much!
That was beautiful!
I love the Enterprise silhouette flying by in the background too...!


Holy shit.

That was wonderful, Mage. Thank you!!!!



Newgrounds has quite a few flash cartoons and games. In fact if it is out there, there is a good chance it is on Newgrounds. Though I have found some flash toons on other sites, like some missing Foamy archives.

Here is a link to 10 of the Retarded Animal Babies cartoons:


The first one is the best.


Lol that definitely made me stupider. But I prefer these cartoons for lowering my IQ:


You really have to watch Salad Fingers to fully 'get' it, but I doubt you want to get into that....


That was great. I also like Troops - it's the TV show Cops with Stormtroopers.



Yeah, I have seen Saladfingers, and Bananafingers also. Saladfingers should be watched right before bedtime.

I have found a few things there, but I still think Retarded Animal Babies, and Foamy (Neurotically Yours) are the best two there.

Now the stupidest thing I have found are the sim date games. I play them, think they are stupid, then I think that again an hour later while still playing it. I am not sure which is more stupid, those games, or the fact that I have played them for an hour, more then once. I still don't know why.