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Best Stack With Today's Biotest Lineup?


Hey guys and gals. Looking for the best stack of Biotest supplements to gain size and strength. I was an avid wieght trainer but haven't lifrted in about a year due to job reasons. I'm getting back into it full time so I need the advice. Thanks, Jimmy


Well since youve taken off a year, I'd say just hit the weights hard again, get your diet in order, and it will come naturally. Maybe a few months (maybe more) after that then you can start supplimenting.

The only suppliments right now I would be using (other than a dialed in diet) would be Grow!, Metabolic Drive, and Surge.


To answer your question, if I were to stack Biotest I would do:

  1. Methoxy-7
  2. Carbolin 19
  3. Alpha Male
  4. Grow! and Surge

Add some creatine too if you like.