Best Stack for Lean Hard Gains

Hi guys just wondering what the best stack for lean mass would be.

I’m not planning on taking it anytime soon but I’d like to know the best non aromatising stack for lean mass and that hard ripped dense muscle type look.

I know the aromatising roids may work better but I don’t want the side effects.

I’d like to diet down to 12% or so bodyfat and then take some juice and progress from there little by little, year by year.

Thanks all

INDIGO 3G for packing on fat free mass while on caloric surplus
METABOLIC DRIVE for maintenance
ANACONDA for overtraining
MAG-10/PLAZMA for recovery
SUPERFOOD for non-macro replenishment
ALPHA MALE for testosterone boost

What I need is surge.

Only Tribex can be bought locally. Hmmm.

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Train and Eat stack

Doing Juice? The majority of guys in America I know who do juice go thru sports doctors who monitor everything for them. Price varies

Here in Asia, again, most guys have their blood work and health checked by Docs who specialize in ‘therapy’. However, its inexpensive and so are the drugs;Very inexpensive. Can be purchased over the counter. We also have ‘Human Performance’ clinics, which are a little pricey but no where near the cost in the States.

Go see a professional for the first time if u choose to do it. Not the internet or some dude selling sh*t in the locker room.

Where in Asia? Japan has no such thing that I know of.


I was going to plan a trip there as I’ve seen pretty much any AAS OTC in videos, but it looks like it’s cracked down on since then and there are only testosterone gel caps now.

Its all here.
Always has been.
your sources for information are bad.
I meet people from many countries here just for a juice vacation.

if you go to enhancedathelete and check out their utube videos u will even see a recent video where they purchase and test everything they buy from a pharmacy about 20 minutes from my families house .

they are with a guy Dan who also has utube and a website

I am not promoting or personally know the above people. Many gym goer; however, do at least know of them. just giving u another info source since you posted only gel caps are here.

Saw a recent video where he picked up “goodies” but never showed the pharmacy or what to ask to get them, or what they even were for that matter. I was planning a vacay there to get some as it’s relatively cheap to do from here until I saw a recent vid that showed just gel caps.

They have the video where he picked them up with the guys from enhancedathelete. A video where they tested all the products for authenticity.

Like I stated previously your source of information is wrong, limited, or both. It maybe just a video specifically showing that gel product and nothing else.

Best of luck.