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Best Stack for Explosive Power?


What is a good stack to enhance explosive power (via strength i guess?)


it all depends on what your trying to do....If your trying to get stronger and faster with less bodyfat at the same weight then I would go with avavar, winstrol, but if you or your sport doesn't care about bodyweight then noting beats a deca/test or tren/test cycle from what I have expieranced. Do a little more reading and come back with some more in depth questions.


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It's for professional basketball...I play as Guard. Currently 6'3" 195lbs.
what u think ? anavar and test ? 750 EW / 60 ED! ?

what about EQ ? any good ?

BTW, we are talking about suspension right.. ?


test prop 100 mg EOD, var 40 mg ED, bold prop 100 mg EOD. for your sport, i think that'll be adequate.



Pump nailed that one nicely. Winny sucks on so many levels that I won't even go into it. Ok I will, brittle tendons, jacks my bp, can be rough on the hairline, makes me lethargic, ruins your blood lipids pretty damn quick and it shuts you down pretty hard as well. On the other hand Anavar does the opposite of just about all those things EXCEPT it wont' do anything for your hair. If you can't get short acting eq (not everyone can) then 400 mgs a week of regular eq would be fine. If you're on a budget then just the test and var (since var is pricey) would be the way to go over say leaving out the var and just running test and eq. Eq is reccomened over deca because it is believed to have many of the same effects PLUS it increases RBC count big time wich would be good for an endurance athelete, and deca stays in your system for to long. Unless you can get some npp which you could then run at the same dose in place of the eq if you didn't want to have to deal with the HUNGER that eq can give.