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Best Squats Ever

Not to get off topic, but a trainer at ymca told me when i was squating that my knees shouldnt go foreward, and especially not cross my toes but ive seen a lot of people squatting with kness past toes. I cant seem to get low enough without moving them forewards. With movement, i can go all the way down (ATG) but without moving them foreward i have trouble going parallel. I have long femurs and a short torso so it makes it even harder.

Those must be 10 pounders on there…

[quote]Nards wrote:

Well…here’s a video of what happens when you squat without collars!
thats hilarious haha, makes me think of just how hard it would be to squat without collars

Found this - 402 pounds at 148 - un-fing believable.


i found this.

its like Mongolian Power Rangers

hoosegow wrote :

Found this - 402 pounds at 148 - un-fing believable.

thats unbelievable, musta been from that crack she sniffed from her hand

(yes i know it was smelling salt)