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Best Squats Ever


Don't you just want to learn this guys technique? You will be squatting enormous weight in no time!


im actually surprised he could even walk that out


My knees!

They ache just watching that!


still a hell of a blast on the cns..no to mention most people can't even HOLD THAT , not to mention squat with it. Shut up and lift!


What I find extra funny about this video is that I don't think that those are 45lb plates. Seriosly, I think they're 25s judgeing by diameter. So not only are the squats bad, he's using smaller than normal plates just so it looks heavier than it is. Anyone else notice that?


Yeah, they looked small.


Like I said in my previous post I think those are 25lb plates, not 45s. I count 7 plates per side. If they are 25s, then that's 395lbs total, which sounds about right for how much the bar is bending. Not exactly impressive to me. Honestly, I think most men who go to the gym could hold that on their back for a couple seconds.


Yeah, first thing I noticed was those aren't 45's. If those were 45's the bar would be bending like a mo-fo, and bouncing when he changes directions.


ah, ok i take back what i said about being surprised/impressed

i thought that was about 800 pounds of weights


Now this is more like it!

(that partial squatter from the first video post seemed to have 35 pound plates for me.)


Yes, they are 35 pound plates from what I can tell. The strong man there is a beast. Some sick depth on those squats for the weight.


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Well...here's a video of what happens when you squat without collars!



Also your Avatar is either really weird or really great I can't quite decide.


HOLY FUCK she's probably about 10 times stronger than me, and hot as shit.


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